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Meta’s $725 Million Settlement: Last Chance for Facebook Users to Claim Compensation

Facebook users have one month left to sign up for a share of Meta's $725 million

By Simbi

Thread is Meta’s answer to Twitter’s temporal restrictions

Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook, plans to release Threads, a microblogging app integrated with Instagram,

By Simbi

Seattle public school sues TikTok, Facebook, Google, Snap, others

These companies are accused of intentionally building their apps to be detrimental to kids and causing

By Simbi

Meta is said to be deciding whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US President's account was terminated over the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

By Simbi

Meta fires over 11,000 employees at a time

The company has seen a huge 70% loss in its valuation

Meta planning to rid Reels with new ad formats

The goal is to push more advertisers to Reels as well as keep users scrolling through

By Simbi

Trump may be allowed back on Facebook as early as January 2023

The former US President got his account suspended for over a year now but Meta says

By Simbi

Meta hit with a fresh lawsuit for allegedly using a sneaky loophole to track iPhone users despite Apple’s ATT policy

New research has it that Meta injects a JavaScript tracking code to any website you visit

By Simbi

Meta may have to pay billions of dollars to Texas as a fine over the implementation of its now-discontinued Facial recognition

The state's attorney general sued the social media giant for not explicitly seeking users' consent before

By Simbi

Meta says it could pull Facebook and Instagram from Europe

This is over a dispute where Meta wants to move user data away from Europe to

By Simbi

Meta builds anti-harassment tool to help keep metaverse users safe

The company continues to pour billions to enhance its virtual and augmented reality world

By Simbi

Meta lost it big on the stock market while Facebook’s user growth is on the decline

Even though the social media giant is trying to pour billions into the development of its

Facebook and Google are in a hot mess over an alleged online ads business collusion

Both tech giants are alleged to have signed a deal that is anti-competitve in nature

Meta to delay Facebook and Instagram’s end-to-end encryption until 2023

The reason is to buy enough time for police investigating child abuse cases as well as

US states commence investigation on the impact of Instagram on children

This is the continuation of the current hot-water Meta has found itself in after a bombshell

Facebook accuses LAPD of using fake accounts to survey users on its platform

The social media giant stated clearly that it's completely against the usage of fake accounts

Facebook to shut down its facial recognition system and delete over 1 billion faceprints

The facial recognition system continues to put the company in trouble

Meta will reportedly open physical stores to sell its products

Though the chief of Meta made it known that the future is digital, the company may

Facebook, Snapchat, others lost nearly US$10Bn due to Apple’s privacy update

The social media giant was hit mostly by the changes forcing it to campaign against it

Facebook rebrands to Meta with a focus on metaverse

The company believes that the internet is the future and want to continue connecting people in

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