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Meta will no longer allow politicians to use its Generative ad AI tools

Meta's restriction on AI in political ads raises concerns, reshaping the landscape of social media advertising.

By Simbi

Nike sues New Balance and Skechers over tech infringement

Nike takes legal action against Skechers and New Balance for alleged patent infringement in sneaker technology

By Simbi

Riley Reid Clona.AI: Where AI and Adult Entertainment Create Digital Intimacy

Riley Reid pioneers Clona.AI, blending AI and adult entertainment for intimate, user-respected digital experiences.

By Simbi

EU Orders Meta and TikTok to Tackle Hate Speech: Digital Services Act Compliance Under Scrutiny

European Commission targets Meta and TikTok, demanding compliance with Digital Services Act to combat hate speech and violence.

By Simbi

Chinese Gamers in a Frenzy as Nvidia RTX 4090 Cards Vanish Amid US Export Restrictions

Nvidia's RTX 4090 graphics cards disappear from the Chinese market, causing panic among gamers due to US restrictions.

X’s New “Not A Bot” Program Aims to Fight Spam and Enhance User Experience in New Zealand and the Philippines

X introduces a $1/year "Not A Bot" program to tackle spam and boost authenticity for web users in select countries.

By Simbi

Netflix Announces Price Hike: What It Means for Your Subscription

Netflix shakes up subscription pricing, with Basic and Premium plans seeing increases. Is it worth the extra cost?

By Simbi

Gmail now lets you react using Emojis

Gmail is introducing emoji reactions, bringing fun and emotions to your email conversations like never before.

Spotify’s Audiobook Bonanza now available for Premium Subscribers

Spotify adds 150,000 free audiobooks to Premium in the UK and Australia, expanding to the US later.

By Simbi


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