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Twitter will now allow political ads on its platform

The move is to further open the company's pool of revenue generation.

By Simbi
If you’re using any of these smartphones, WhatsApp may never work on your device again

Devices running outdated operating systems will be the major ones that will be locked out of the service moving forward

Meta is said to be deciding whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US President's account was terminated over the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

By Simbi
Kanye West will no longer acquire Parler

Previously, we reported that Ye, FKA Kanye West is bidding to acquire a popular conservative social media platform called Parler

By Simbi
Spotify testing its own payment processing system for its Android subscribers

Even though the streaming giant will still hand some percentage of the cut to Google, the fact that it's able

Netflix will soon start charging you for sharing your password

The new feature is already being tested in some Latin American countries with a global roll-out expected to commence as

By Simbi
Spotify acquires Kinzen to help tackle misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech

Terms of the deal were not made public but the acquisition came after the streaming platform faced a lot of

By Simbi
Meta planning to rid Reels with new ad formats

The goal is to push more advertisers to Reels as well as keep users scrolling through oblivion

By Simbi
Musk and Twitter are yet to reach an agreement over the initial acquisition offer that will potentially end their legal tussle

The legal tussle between Musk and Twitter is expected to come to an end when the latter agrees to move

By Simbi
Meta hit with a fresh lawsuit for allegedly using a sneaky loophole to track iPhone users despite Apple’s ATT policy

New research has it that Meta injects a JavaScript tracking code to any website you visit via its in-app browser

By Simbi
YouTube hope to lure more creators from TikTok with its new revenue-sharing plan to incentivize Short video creators

The company's biggest is TikTok with over 1 billion active monthly users. The incentive is to share 45% of ad

By Simbi
Billionaire Elon Musk made it known the Whistleblower deal made him drop off the Twitter deal

He stated that a US$7 million severance payment was made to the whistleblower who raised questions about problems at the

By Simbi
Twitter lawyers accused Elon Musk of backing out of the purchase deal due to “World War 3” rather than spambots

The Twitter whistleblower may already be complicating the social media's argument in the trial due to new claims made by

By Simbi
Pornhub’s Instagram account was banned as pressure from anti-sex-traffic campaigners grew

One of the loudest voices against PornHub that allegedly led to the termination of their account on Instagram is the

By Simbi
Twitter versus Musk court trial expected to commence as soon as Oct. 17th

Twitter accused Musk of backing out of the deal because his personal wealth has fallen but Musk has filed a

By Simbi
Agency names will soon be displayed on social media influencer’s profiles in China

An attempt to combat those spreading incorrect values in the country that has tightened its grip on its netizens

By Simbi
Instagram tests out new tools to better verify users’ age

The company says it's partnering with Yoti, an online age verification company

By Simbi
SpaceX fires all the employees involved in an open letter that criticizes Elon Musk

A good deed by an individual who wants to bring back free speech on Twitter

By Simbi
Billionaire Elon Musk snaps up 9.2% stake in Twitter

This makes him the second-highest shareholder in the social media company

By Simbi
Trump’s Truth Social app launches on Apple App Store

The Truth Social will be joining a number of growing social platforms championing "free speech"

By Simbi
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HBO Max is here and everything to know: Shows, Movies, Subscription and much more

HBO Max will be announced today in the US and will feature everything from the WarnerMedia, DC Comics and cost

22 Min Read
Avengers:Endgame – Google lets Thanos snaps disintegrate millions of search results

An amazing easter egg that sweeps the search engines result in seconds

2 Min Read
New trailers you should watch before this year runs out

The year 2019 is almost over and we admit, we've not posted movie trailers on Brumpost since like forever which

7 Min Read
TikTokers gone viral for sharing firsthand insights into the COVID-19 vaccine

Less than 2 weeks ago, AstraZeneca announced the 90% efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine trial making it the third big

8 Min Read
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