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Apple officially opens its first store in India

The newly established store will further cement the company's foundation in India

Elon Musk is serious about taking ChatGPT on by creating his own AI company

The billionaire had always been a proponent of safety practices when it

By Simbi

Apple Inc’s India Sales Soar by Almost 50% in a Year

The company has significantly increased its production of iPhones in India, accounting

Many users of both Alexa and AWS experienced a brief outage on Sunday

But the issue has been rectified now according to an Amazon spokesperson

Baidu Sues Apple and App Developers Over Fake Ernie AI Chatbot Apps in App Store

The AI battle continues to spiral and Apple has gotten itself in

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot will autonomously create art pieces

Boston Dynamics' Spot robot is making headlines again, but this time not

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TSMC braces itself for Q2 as its customers struggle to make sales

Analysts predict a slightly stringent Q2 for the chipmaker giant amid the sales trajectory of its clients

Meta will officially fire another set of 10,000 employees starting as early as this week

The company's current financial status has required it to operate leaner while also abandoning low-priorities

By Simbi
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