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I still don’t know why the QCY T13 Bluetooth earbuds are so affordable

While being affordable, it offers a great deal of customization from its controls to its equalizers via its bundled mobile

Google Pixel 7 Pro is a really useful smartphone for anyone that loves to take pictures

Comes loaded with improved camera features and better hardware to capture every moment in the most professional-looking way as well

The new Razer Barracuda Pro offers solid audio output at US$250

Targeted at gamers but not exactly designed with gamers in mind thanks to its minimalistic approach but loads of cool

The new Beyerdynamic Free Byrd buds is everything a premium TWS earbuds should be in 2022

Comes with a ton of cool features, customization, and cool-looking design aesthetics out of the box

Samsung Galaxy S22+ is the perfect premium smartphone in 2022

Still retaining the Galaxy S series design aesthetics along with great features and specs

Jabra Elite 4 Active offer an above-average quality

Great audio output, ANC, mobile app, and a really long-lasting battery life

Edifier W800BT Plus has a monstrous battery that can last for days nonstop

Has everything you'd expect from a powerful Bluetooth headphone and can be used in different situations except sports of course

Best Anonymous Web Browsers in 2023

This post is for the extreme paranoids who like to stay completely

Google to officially integrate AI into Gmail and other Workspace app suite

The move is to catch up with the AI-integration by major tech

Let me quickly re-introduce you once again to ChatPT and friends

ChatGPT has taken the AI space by storm and while it seems

Browser War: Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome Browser vs Microsoft Edge Browser

While there is no perfect browser, the three are popular and great

Best health tracking app for Android

From Google Fit to Samsung Health, Hevy, Fitbit, and so forth, all

Salesforce plans to integrate ChatGPT into Slack in its ongoing partnership with OpenAI

The company is combining its own proprietary AI technology with that of

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EU gives Apple the final ultimatum to switch to USB-C by autumn 2024

The One charger policy is a way by which the European Union is aiming to save consumers hundreds of millions

The new Logitech Brio 500 is an amazing privacy-oriented webcam that can only record in HD resolutions

The company is also releasing a new Bluetooth-only headset called the Zone Vibe 100 to

Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power bank is a cool MagSafe accessory

While the world was waiting tirelessly for more accessories to be released, Anker has stepped

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