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Best Anonymous Web Browser 2023

Best Anonymous Web Browsers in 2023

This post is for the extreme paranoids who like to stay completely off-grid.

By Ret SILO 18 Min Read

Building a Smart Home in 2023

The advantages certainly outweigh the negatives and that is why investing in smart home devices and

Tecno Phantom V Fold is surprisingly good

Although the brand isn't very popular across the globe, the Phantom V Fold is definitely taking on the well-established Galaxy

By Biola Kay 14 Min Read

Best Smartphones in 2023 so far

We highlighted a list of the best smartphones you can get in the year 2023 so

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If you need a 2-in-1 laptop, you might want to consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The computer can be used either as a tablet or magnetically connected to its base and converted into a laptop.

By Bola Adetona 8 Min Read

The new Razer Blade laptops released at the CES 2022 are amazing

With high-performance gaming functionalities thanks to their displays and hardware components

Lenovo announces new Legion 5 series gaming laptops

There is a model that has support for AMD's Ryzen and another for Intel processor

Alienware is back with extreme gaming computers: X14, quantum-dot OLED gaming monitor, and more

The 14-inch powerful gaming laptop is compact and sports some interesting features

By Simbi

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Here are the top 6 free Google Chrome VPN extensions to keep your data private

Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to these great and free

These Websites allow you to watch Hollywood movies for free in 2022

Movies are now accessible elsewhere for free aside from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Simbi By Simbi

Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS users in 2022

Freely legal and legitimately authorized for your viewing pleasure from anywhere you are in the world

Simbi By Simbi

Huawei Mate 50 Pro is finally here and all I can say is “Meh” for now

While the Huawei brand itself is currently on the decline in terms of market share, the Mate 50 Pro is

Best foldable smartphones for 2022

Foldable smartphones are slowly but surely becoming more practical and their price tag is dropping every year thanks to more

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Legion Phone Duel 2 is ridden with too many dual components it cannot hold together

It failed JerryRigEverything's bend test which is a big deal making the Phone 2 Duel a quite fragile smartphone despite

11 Min Read
Best smartphones under $500 in 2020

Best premium affordable smartphones from big and popular brands around the world

56 Min Read
LG Wing exclusive leaked video showed the device with a dual flip screen

Don't write LG off just yet as rumors have been swirling online pertaining to the company's secret phone project which

6 Min Read
New Ulefone Armor 14 is a power monster with a 10,000mAh battery

While the battery is a slight downgrade from the past, the devcie has room for more features

2 Min Read
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