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We scour ever corners of the web to bring you the best high-quality products at a relatively cheaper price point you can ever imagine on Bargainer Under US$50.

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Grab this 6 Speed Massage Gun with a 72% discount

Stay healthy and help your muscles relax

Fifine K669 Metal USB Condenser Mic is great for recording on your PC or Mac

Want a budget-friendly setup to kickstart your internet business?

Baseus® PIR Motion Sensor Night Light just got a huge 47% discount

It can also serve as a counter-balance when you're working on your computer or using your smartphone in a darkened

Doogee CS2 is a nice-looking smartwatch and cost a fraction of other popular s

Premium-looking smartwatch with cool specs all at an affordable price point

This is the most practical portable cross-bag for women in 2021 and its just US$25

With this, you can haul all those important belongings including your smartphone, and still look cool

Get these 3Pcs Xiaomi Mijia BT Bluetooth wireless thermometer for your home

Great for anyone that wants to keep a tab on their home humidity

Get the Haylou LS02 smartwatch for as little as US$28.99

The new Haylou LS02 is a pretty decent smartwatch with some interesting quirks and features that sets it aside from

This BlitzWolf® BW-F3 Folding Fan with remote control just got 29% discount

Standing fans can be noisy and most of the time, they are usually restricted to one part of the room

Alfawise X8 TWS earbuds with Bluetooth 5 cost 42% less

Alfawise is known for always making the most affordable yet interesting TWS earbuds on the market and that is where

This BlitzWolf BW-F3 Folding fan can be used anywhere you are

If you're conversant with Brumpost Bargainer, you'll notice we've written extensively about BlitzWolf in the recent past and that's because

Kospet Magic 3 is elegant, functional and affordable

With innumerable options to pick from, this US$31.99 smartwatch is more than you expect.

Zeblaze GTR smartwatch gets you 30days standby

Fitness trackers are becoming pretty popular nowadays and they're also getting much more powerful in terms of their capabilities and

Enjoy a Massive discount for these BlitzWolf® over-ear Gaming Headphones

Sleek design with Hi-Fi audio output all under the US$50 price mark

This BlitzWolf® BW-FUN3 Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser is offered with 40% off

If you want a great oil diffuser with ultrasonic aromatherapy humidifier in your home then the BlitzWolf® BW-FUN3 is the

Haylou GT3 TWS Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 is now almost half the price

Great audio, waterproof and long-lasting battery life all at a low price-point

Save On Select Nintendo Collectibles. Some Items Chosen At Random

If you're a big Nintendo fan, then this bargain might interest you. Below are some of the cool Nintendo collectibles

Grab the new Noisy Bear wireless vacuum cleaner for just US$39

Powered by a speed with powerful battery-life for efficiency

Join the waiting list of those that’ll enjoy big discount for the Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit

The kit includes smart devices like Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway Door and Window Sensor, Voice Assistant and Intelligent Home Alarm Kit

This SONOFF® S26 10A Smart Wi-Fi Socket is just US$11

Works with major smart home speakers and virtual assistants

Grab the XANES® 84 LED tall studio light for only US$21.99

In this day and age, video content creation is very essential for the success of most businesses and that is

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