From Tissots to Apple watch, Samsung Galaxy Wear, Kings Wear and so many Smartwatches in town, We help you through the list of so many awesome smartwatches and aim at the very best which suites well on you and fits you better. Read the Brumpost Smatwatch reviews to get hold of the best for your lifestyle

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Exploring the Future of Wearable Technology: Trends and Innovations

The future of wearable technology is now and we must embrace it whether we are ready or not but its…

By Ahmed

Apple dominates despite an 18% decline in global shipments of wearable devices in Q4 2022

Apple's dominance in the wearable gadget market can be attributed to the success of its iPhone device

By Ahmed

Meta cuts Quest Pro VR headset price by $500 worldwide

In an effort to make VR more accessible, Meta has announced a significant price cut for its Quest Pro VR…

Starting from 2023, you’ll be required to operate your Fitbit device with your Google Account

Google is incorporating Fitbit into its system and will require you move all your data into your Google Account by…

By Ahmed

Amazfit launches a smartwatch trade-in program in the US market

The Chinese smartwatch brand is looking to expand its customer base overseas

By Ahmed

The newly announced Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE, and the Watch Ultra are all available to pre-order

The base Watch SE is in its second generation and starts as low as US$249 for the GPS variant while…

By Ahmed

Huawei’s next-gen premium smartwatch will be called the Watch 3 Pro (2022) and will debut on July 27th

The device is expected to feature everything premium out of the box including support for eSIM, ECG, and a well-built…

By Ahmed

Alexa is coming to Fossil’s Gen 6 smartwatches soon

Even though we're months away from WearOS 3 update

By Ahmed


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