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Apple Store officially opened in India

The shift is happening

By Liam Hall 2 Min Read

Apple officially opens its first store in India

The newly established store will further cement the company's foundation in India

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read

Not iPhone 15 series but what if the iPhone 16 or 17 series are completely portless?

Considering Apple's adamant approach to giving up its Lightning Port for USB-C

By Liam Hall 15 Min Read

Apple Inc’s India Sales Soar by Almost 50% in a Year

The company has significantly increased its production of iPhones in India, accounting

By Liam Hall 4 Min Read

iPhone 15 rumors: What to expect, possible release date, and possible price point

Based on new leaks and rumors, there won't be a lot of

By Liam Hall 9 Min Read

A FaceID behind the screen on an iPhone isn’t happening this year

While the tech giant is currently making some big changes on its

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read

Apple’s iPhone dominates the list of the top-10 best selling smartphones of 2022

In the top-five were mostly the previous iPhone 13 series, then the

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

Today, 16 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone

Ever since its debut, the iPhone has changed the smartphone industry in

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

Apple’s iPhones exported from India see a huge US$2.5 billion growth as company diversifies its manufacturing

Although analysts believe it would take about 8 years just to move

By Liam Hall 4 Min Read

Apple cut down production of its new iPhone 14 Plus due to low demands

The iPhone 14 Plus isn't as intriguing even though it was meant

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

iPhone 14 Plus finally arrives in over 30 countries and regions

After about 3 weeks since the release of its siblings, the not-so-popular

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

EU gives Apple the final ultimatum to switch to USB-C by autumn 2024

The One charger policy is a way by which the European Union

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read
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William Shatner makes history as the oldest human to ever be in space

He made the record after Blue Origin's New Shephard rocket successfully landed on Wednesday after a 10 minutes-long stay in

9 Min Read
These Budget smartphones are all below $100

Just in case you're not ready to blow too much cash this summer on smartphones, well, you can go with

17 Min Read
Affordable products you can gift your loved ones this Festive season

We have gathered a list of the best tech gadgets for the month of December 2019

19 Min Read
Four reasons you’re battling Zoom Fatigue and how to counter the situation

Zoom fatigue is a constant phenomenon due to the usage of virtual modes of communication

6 Min Read
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