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The iPhone SE 4: A Glimpse into Apple’s Budget-Friendly Game Changer

Discover what's in store for Apple's iPhone SE 4, from potential design upgrades to the latest features.

New leak hints on what to expect on the next-gen Google Pixel Watch 2

Leaked specs includes some interesting hardware upgrades and few design tweaks that could further cement the smartwatch as a go-to…

By Ahmed

Tecno ready to oust Samsung with its leaked Phantom V Flip with a refined outer screen

Tecno like many other Chinese smartphone makers are pushing the envelope in the foldable smartphone space ultimately challenging Samsung's domiance

iPhone 15 series’ USB-C might support Thunderbolt connection

The upcoming iPhone 15 series with Thunderbolt support will revolutionize data transfer and charging.

OPPO Find N3 Flip and other things we know about the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s contender

The next-gen OPPO Find N3 Flip will definitely come with some amazing features that could literally put it right next…

Lenovo Legion Go: A Powerful Gaming Handheld with Detachable Controllers and Touchscreen Display

The new Lenovo Legion Go is cutting-edge gaming handheld with detachable controllers and an impressive touchscreen.

By Ahmed

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Expectations, Release Date, Design, and Specs

What's in store for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, from design upgrades to powerful specs.

Next-gen Apple Watch will reportedly go through major design changes

We don't really know what it would be actually called but the next-gen smartwatch will definitely sport some significant improvements…

Google’s Anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Leaks, Specs, and Colors Revealed Ahead of Launch

Discover leaked details about Google's upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models, including specs and color options.

By Ahmed


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