You are worth more than you think and there are tons of companies and individuals willing to exploit that innocence by misusing or mishandling your data. Brumpost guides you through the procedures of keeping your data safe and secure from cyber theft and “Big Tech” mismanagement that may arise anytime. Want to learn to keep your social media account secured or your computer data safe from unwanted intruders, then stay tuned to Brumpost Guides on cyber security for more everyday.


You can then track, locate, insure or even erase your device completely if it's worth it

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Latest Security

Is using VPN at your home really necessary?

The fact that your ISP can't even guarantee the safety of your

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This is how to set up a Two-Factor Authentication on your Google Account

This simple settings will keep your account safe from cyber hijackers

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Why you should update to the new PrintNightmare patch to avoid being hacked

Updating to the new patch doesn't guarantee a 100% protection but gives

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How to disable App Tracking feature on iOS 14.5

Apple in its loving and kindness decides to include a big hurdle

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These 5 tools help secure your usage of the internet

Internet security is a global problem which had been around long as

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Safari browser privacy tips for MacOS Big Sur users

While some features are turned on by default, below are some settings

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This is how to use Microsoft 365 to secure your Windows 10 PC

The last thing you ever want during this work-from-home period is falling

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Here is how to unlock your Apple Watch with your iPhone

Apple's long list of amazing tech products and services all sync together.

By Liam Hall 4 Min Read

New iOS 13.5 update allows you to use your face mask with iPhone FaceID

The issue of the Coronavirus Pandemic had obligated the usage of Face

By Ret SILO 8 Min Read


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