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If you need a 2-in-1 laptop, you might want to consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The computer can be used either as a tablet or magnetically connected to its base and converted into a laptop.

By Bola Adetona 8 Min Read

Nvidia CEO thinks the chipmaker has a larger market in China despite the ban by the US government

Nvidia was restricted by the US government from selling its high-end GPU chipsets to its Chinese clients but the American

By Bola Adetona 3 Min Read

While John Kerry warns Africa against long-term gas projects, the continent needs fossil fuels for industrialization

Even though African countries have little to no impact on the greenhouse emission index, the continent suffers a disproportionate effect

By Bola Adetona 3 Min Read

The new Logitech Brio 500 is an amazing privacy-oriented webcam that can only record in HD resolutions

The company is also releasing a new Bluetooth-only headset called the Zone Vibe 100 to accompany its new webcam

By Bola Adetona 3 Min Read

Microsoft knows that there’s a severe shortage of the Xbox wireless controllers out there

Meaning anyone with a working controller should keep them safe as shortage is a global phenomenon

By Bola Adetona 2 Min Read

The new Razer Blade laptops released at the CES 2022 are amazing

With high-performance gaming functionalities thanks to their displays and hardware components

By Bola Adetona 2 Min Read

Lenovo announces new Legion 5 series gaming laptops

There is a model that has support for AMD's Ryzen and another for Intel processor

By Bola Adetona 3 Min Read

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 comes with very powerful configurations for gamers

It's certainly one of the most interesting high-end PC from ASUS this year so far

By Bola Adetona 3 Min Read

Microsoft acknowledges Windows 11 bugs are due to expired certificates

The issues are being rectified with updated fixes expected soon enough

By Bola Adetona 2 Min Read


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