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How to turn your Android Smartphone to the Speaker of your Windows PC

Some scenarios, you might want to use your Android smartphone as a speaker for your Windows PC, Here is how…

By Ahmed

How To Record a Video While Playing Music On Your Android Device

Most Android devices won't allow you to listen to songs while recording a video but there's a workaround

By Ahmed

How to erase your iPhone in just two steps

You can either go through the iCloud route or use the conventional method of plugging in a cable to your…

What to do to protect your data before selling your smartphone in 2022

The process is simple and it can save you all the stress of losing your vital data to the new…

By Ahmed

How to fix greyed out Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 PC, iPhone, and Android devices

It's a common problem that can be fixed in a couple of seconds literally

By Ahmed

Here is what to do when your Mobile Hotspot Tethering keeps disconnecting on Windows 11/10 PC

Auto-disconnected mobile hotspot can be annoying but there are ways to fix this problem

By Ahmed

Top 11 tips and tricks to get the best out of your iPhone every day

Without the need to use a third-party application, your iPhone can be your essential DIY instrument

What to know about phishing, how to avoid being phished and what to do when you have been phished

The most important thing is to pay attention and stop clicking unsolicited links

By Ahmed

If you hate your macOS Monterey’s cursor color and size, here’s how to change it

If you want your Mac computer to stand out from the rest of the pack, you can start by customizing…

By Ahmed


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