Our world is a mystery. Learn about the next NASA space trips and SpaceX plans for the future. From Human science to chemical science and discoveries are all exclusively detailed out

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Revolutionizing Space Tech: Chinese Scientists Develop Plasma Ring ‘Force Gun’ for Remote Object Manipulation

Chinese scientists pioneer a 'Force Gun' using plasma rings for remote object manipulation in space exploration.

India Successfully Lands Chandrayaan-3 on Moon’s South Pole: A Giant Leap for the Nation

The country achieved this feat even though Russia failed to land its lunar probe which crashed

Indian Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Probe made it to the Lunar Surface near its south pole

India aims for a historic lunar landing with Chandrayaan-3, joining the live coverage of this significant

Unveiling the Hidden Tales of the Moon’s History: Insights from China’s Chang’e-4 Mission

China's Chang'e-4 mission uncovered hidden lunar history and unveils ancient lava layers.

Russia’s Luna-25 Moon Lander Crashes: Setback for Lunar Exploration Plans

Russia's lunar mission, Luna-25, crashes due to a failed orbital maneuver, affecting future space endeavors.

Russia’s Lunar Mission Takes Historic Step towards Moon’s South Pole Exploration

Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft successfully enters the moon's orbit, aiming to uncover frozen water at the south

Revolutionary Discovery Challenges our previous understanding of Gravity and Dark Matter

A groundbreaking study using the Gaia telescope reveals a cosmic anomaly challenging gravity and dark matter

WHO’s Evaluation of EG.5 Coronavirus Variant: Limited Public Health Concerns Amidst Global Spread

World Health Organization examines EG.5 coronavirus variant, finding it no more alarming than other strains.

Russia aims for the moon for the first time since 1976

Russia readies its lunar landing spacecraft, Luna-25, to rival India's Chandrayaan-3 for lunar south pole exploration.

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