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Nusaiba Sabiu

Sabiu is a senior health and well-being reporter on Brumpost. Her research-based contents, reports, and analysis has helped thousands of Brumpost readers to take good care of their health as a priority.
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China finally bids farewell to its zero-COVID policy as it opens its borders

Three years later and after so many mass lockdowns and frequent compulsory tests, the Chinese government is finally allowing people

By Nusaiba Sabiu 7 Min Read

Hong Kong plan to reopen its borders to commuters from Mainland China

A strict zero-COVID policy, the city Chief Secretary assured a Jan. 8th as the opening day for commuters to be

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

These are the tips that will allow you work effectively from Home

To effectively work from home, here are 11 expert tips and tech guides to follow to ensure a full productiveness

By Nusaiba Sabiu 21 Min Read

WHO declares the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency

This will be the latest to be declared a PHEIC by the organization after the 2020 COVID outbreak

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

Amazon is currently working to make Alexa sound just like anyone you want it to

The technology is still in development and we don't know how soon it'll be released to the general public but

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

FDA approve a fourth COVID booster shot. Here is everything you need to know

The booster shot will be for elder Americans from the age of 50 and those with compromised immune systems from

By Nusaiba Sabiu 7 Min Read

Older Americans to get booster Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID shots upon FDA approval

The decision is in place to help older Americans and younger people with compromised immune systems fight against the BA.2

By Nusaiba Sabiu 4 Min Read

CDC says Vaccinated Pregnant Mothers can pass immunity against COVID-19 to their newborns

The new findings was based on a research conducted in some 20 pediatric hospitals across 17 states in the US

By Nusaiba Sabiu 4 Min Read

COVID-19 vaccine currently developed in South Africa could take up to 3 years before being approved

Especially if big pharmaceuticals with approved vaccines refuses to share their data and technology

By Nusaiba Sabiu 2 Min Read

South Africa is seeing more cases of the Omicron BA.2 sub-variant

But authorities are monitoring the emergence while bracing for a possible fifth wave

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

New Peloton Heart Rate Armband is here to help you exercise better

Unlike the previous chest strap that requires precision, the new armband works with several workout equiment

By Nusaiba Sabiu 2 Min Read

Symptoms of Omicron subvariant BA.2 likely similar to “original”

The "new" Omicron subvariant BA.2 is said to likely take over from the "original" BA.1 globally

By Nusaiba Sabiu 2 Min Read


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