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The official release date of the Galaxy S23 series is…

Even though this year's event is coming a week earlier than the

By Phils Carlque 3 Min Read

Today, 16 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone

Ever since its debut, the iPhone has changed the smartphone industry in

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

Afeela is the new EV jointly developed by Sony and Hona

The Consumer Electronics Shows or CES 2023 started this week and there

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

A list of all the most important tech events in 2023 that you should know

There are a lot of important tech events that will take place

By Fey Aniston 13 Min Read

Huawei had a horrible 2022 but what’s left for the brand in 2023?

After the Chinese company got axed by the US government for creating

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

Google Pixel team throwing a jab at Apple while tweeting on an iPhone is pathetic

I think it's time these brands start respecting their products by showcasing

By Simbi 4 Min Read

Windows 11 continues to get better thanks to these new updates

The new update includes a number of cool features, tweaks, and new

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

Apple cut down production of its new iPhone 14 Plus due to low demands

The iPhone 14 Plus isn't as intriguing even though it was meant

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read


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