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Simbi writes about tech culture and the dynamics of the tech industry in Africa as a whole.
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Seattle public school sues TikTok, Facebook, Google, Snap, others

These companies are accused of intentionally building their apps to be detrimental to kids and causing them mental health issues.

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Twitter will now allow political ads on its platform

The move is to further open the company's pool of revenue generation.

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Meta is said to be deciding whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US President's account was terminated over the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Kanye West will no longer acquire Parler

The rapper continues to shoot himself in the foot over his continuous anti-semitic remarks.

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Google Pixel team throwing a jab at Apple while tweeting on an iPhone is pathetic

I think it's time these brands start respecting their products by showcasing them in every way possible

By Simbi 4 Min Read

Netflix will soon start charging you for sharing your password

The new feature is already being tested in some Latin American countries with a global roll-out expected to commence as

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Billionaire rapper and fashion icon Kanye West acquired the conservative social media platform Parler

Terms of the deal were not disclosed it's expected to conclude before the end of the fourth quarter

By Simbi 5 Min Read

Kanye West isn’t steering clear of controversies as he just got his Twitter account suspended over an anti-Semitic tweet

Despite the hot water, the billionaire rapper has landed himself in recent times over the "White Lives Matter" t-shirt, his

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Spotify acquires Kinzen to help tackle misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech

Terms of the deal were not made public but the acquisition came after the streaming platform faced a lot of

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Meta planning to rid Reels with new ad formats

The goal is to push more advertisers to Reels as well as keep users scrolling through oblivion

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Musk and Twitter are yet to reach an agreement over the initial acquisition offer that will potentially end their legal tussle

The legal tussle between Musk and Twitter is expected to come to an end when the latter agrees to move

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Elon Musk wants to proceed with the Twitter deal at the original US$44 billion price

Even after the whole drama between both parties, the billionaire seems to be changing his mind after all.

By Simbi 5 Min Read


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