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How Netflix secret Codes can help you take absolute control of what to watch in 2023

Netflix's algorithm can be a big headache due to its poor suggestion

By Metti Misswyambwe 6 Min Read

You want to get the Dynamic Island feature on your Android smartphone right? Here’s how to do it

Just in case you're so envious of the Dynamic Island on the

By Ret SILO 11 Min Read

Here’s how to install the GCam camera software for your Nothing Phone 1

The GCam is certainly an interesting photo app that enhances the output

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

Can you possibly disable the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro?

There is no straight answer to this but what is known is

By Liam Hall 3 Min Read

Here’s how to setup eSIM on your new iPhone 14

The process is very simple and straightforward but in case of issues,

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read

You can possibly turn on end-to-end encryption on your Ring Video Doorbell

Due to privacy concerns, you too might want to encrypt your Ring

By Ret SILO 6 Min Read

This is how to quickly set up Snapchat for Web

Although missing some features, the new Snapchat for Web reduces the limitations

By Simbi 6 Min Read

Here’s how to transfer your Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp

In five simple steps, you can have all your Telegram stickers exported

By Ret SILO 3 Min Read

Here’s how to easily switch the codec of pictures on your iPhone from HEIC to JPG

While the HEIC format retains all the quality, some users might just

By Liam Hall 2 Min Read


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