Today’s Tech Update

WhatsApp's beta uses emails for account security; OnePlus 12 rumored with 100W charger, new sensor.

By Ahmed

WhatsApp Dual Accounts on the same smartphone will soon be possible

WhatsApp's latest update lets you use two accounts on one device, perfect for balancing personal and

By Simbi

UK Encryption Debate: Balancing Child Safety and Privacy Concerns Sparks Controversy

The British government's encryption protection promise faces backlash as experts clash over child safety vs. privacy.

How to Automatically Block Spam calls on WhatsApp

Learn how to use WhatsApp's Silence Unknown Callers feature to block spam calls and regain peace.

WhatsApp Launches on Wear OS Smartwatches

WhatsApp arrives on Wear OS for seamless messaging and calls, ushering in a new era of

WhatsApp Upgrades Video Sharing: HD Quality Option Now Available

WhatsApp introduces a new experimental feature allowing users to share videos in HD quality, addressing the

If you’re using any of these smartphones, WhatsApp may never work on your device again

Devices running outdated operating systems will be the major ones that will be locked out of

Here’s how to transfer your Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp

In five simple steps, you can have all your Telegram stickers exported away to WhatsApp

By Ahmed

This is how to make all your WhatsApp messages self-delete in three steps

If you're so private and just want to stay in control of everything including your WhatsApp

It’s now possible to transfer your WhatsApp history from an iPhone to an Android 12 smartphone

It's as simple as connecting your Lightning to USB-C cable from your iPhone to your Android

How to delete your WhatsApp account

If you've had enough of all the privacy-related dilemma of the Facebook-owned IM service, then it

By Ahmed

Voice and Video call features are coming to WhatsApp Desktop

How nice does it sound to be able to make video/voice calls on the WhatsApp desktop

New report says you might soon be able to mute anyone forever on WhatsApp

There is an option to block people but how about the option to be able to

Do you know how to edit your WhatsApp images? Here is how

If you want to spice your WhatsApp images up a little bit before sending them to

By Ahmed

Good news as WhatsApp Group video call now supports 8 callers

This might come in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic but at least it's a big

This is How to use with WhatsApp

With about 1 Billion+ downloads on the Google Playstore alone not to talk about countless pre-installation

By Ahmed

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Your Android Smartphone

This quick guide can help you recover messages that were received but deleted by the sender

WhatsApp not as Secured as You Might Think

You might have also noticed that WhatsApp sells advertisements but it does it in a tricky

By Ahmed

Good news: WhatsApp stopping yearly subscription fee of $1 with immediate effect

Two great news. One is good and the other is bad. The good is WhatsApp would

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