Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. The company is known for it’s iconic iPhone and also a lot of smart devices such as the Mac computer, the Apple Smartwatch, the Apple AirPod, iTunes, Apple music and so much more. Brumpost breaks all the latest news and stories relating to the Cupertino based company here on the regular.

The iPhone SE 4: A Glimpse into Apple’s Budget-Friendly Game Changer

Discover what's in store for Apple's iPhone SE 4, from potential design upgrades to the latest

Why iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Are Overheating: Apple’s Response and Solutions

Discover why iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are heating up, Apple's response, and how to

iOS 17 Update: Enhanced Security Features and Privacy Boost for iPhone Users

The all-new iOS 17 fortifies your iPhone with enhanced security, Lockdown Mode, anti-web tracking, and innovative

AirPods Pro 2023 embraces the USB-C Port as well

The latest upgrades in AirPods Pro 2, including USB-C and innovative software features for enhanced audio

iOS 17 Compatibility Guide: Will Your iPhone Get the Latest Update?

Find out if your iPhone can run iOS 17 and explore options for older devices. Stay

French Regulators Demand the sale of iPhone 12 be stopped due to radiation

iPhone 12's SAR controversy in France, explore potential health implications, and Apple's response to regulatory demands.

By Ahmed

Apple’s New Product Lineup Unveiled: iPhone 15, Watch Series 9, and More at Apple Event

Discover Apple's latest innovations, including the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and USB-C adoption, at

iPhone 15 series’ USB-C might support Thunderbolt connection

The upcoming iPhone 15 series with Thunderbolt support will revolutionize data transfer and charging.

The Exciting Unveiling of Apple’s M3 Chips and Mac Generation

Apple M3 chips and their potential to revolutionize computing with enhanced performance and innovation.

Uninstalling Apps Made Simple: A Guide for New iPhone Users

Discover how to easily uninstall apps on your new iPhone, freeing up space and organizing your

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Expectations, Release Date, Design, and Specs

What's in store for the Apple Watch Ultra 2, from design upgrades to powerful specs.

Next-gen Apple Watch will reportedly go through major design changes

We don't really know what it would be actually called but the next-gen smartwatch will definitely

How to use the new Apple Personal Voice on iOS17

Apple's iOS 17 introduces Personal Voice, an AI-driven feature replicating your vocal identity.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Features, Release Date, and Design Rumors

The latest rumors about Apple's rugged wearable, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, including its design, features,

By Ahmed

Apple Watch Series 9: Release Date, Rumors, and Design Speculations

Get the scoop on the highly-anticipated Apple Watch Series 9 with rumors, design insights, and expected

iPhone 15 Pro Max Rumors: Titanium Frame, 3nm Chip, and Stacked Battery

iPhone 15 Pro Max rumors featuring titanium frame, 3nm A17 Bionic chip, and larger stacked battery.

iPhone 16 Pro Rumors: Stacked Camera System and Periscope Lens Upgrade Expected

Rumors abound about the iPhone 16 Pro, with stacked camera tech and periscope lens improvements anticipated.

Apple Forecasts Continued Sales Slump Despite Beating Targets in Q3

Apple's Q3 profit beats expectations, but iPhone sales disappoint, and the company predicts ongoing sales decline.

Apple AirTag 2 is expected to go into Mass Production by 2024 with Vision Pro Integration

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo predicts AirTag 2 production in Q4 2024 with exciting Vision Pro integration.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: Rumored Prices and Exciting Features for 2023 Models

Find out the speculated prices of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, along with their exciting

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