The World’s largest search engine with it’s stories and all their moves to help make the world a simpler place to live in. Brumpost tells it all about Google ranging from their latest news, plans and acquirement. Financial reports and insiders overviews about the US Based company

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series will be your ultimate AI companion

Samsung's Galaxy S24 series aims to top Google's AI game, promising smarter features, faster performance, and

Google to Bridge Digital Divide in the Pacific via internet cable

Google, in collaboration with the US and Australia, brings internet access to eight Pacific nations, enhancing

By Ahmed

Google’s Generative AI: A Game-Changer for Online Information Access – Publishers at a Crossroads

Google's Generative AI transforms web search, raising questions for publishers on compensation, traffic, and content control.

By Ahmed

Google revamping Chrome browser to make it easier to access the web

Google's Chrome browser upgrades streamline web navigation, reducing the need for Google searches and enhancing user

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Unveiled: AI Powerhouses and Camera Marvels Shine Bright

Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro bring AI innovations and camera enhancements, setting new smartphone

Gmail now lets you react using Emojis

Gmail is introducing emoji reactions, bringing fun and emotions to your email conversations like never before.

Google vs. Samsung: The Battle for Android Update Supremacy Heats Up

Google's Pixel 8 may offer seven years of updates, challenging Samsung's dominance in Android updates.

Google’s Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2: What to Expect at the 2023 Event

Latest Google tech with Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2 at their annual event.

New leak hints on what to expect on the next-gen Google Pixel Watch 2

Leaked specs includes some interesting hardware upgrades and few design tweaks that could further cement the

By Ahmed

Google’s Anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Leaks, Specs, and Colors Revealed Ahead of Launch

Discover leaked details about Google's upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models, including specs and

By Ahmed

Google’s Effortless Personal Info Removal – Enhanced Search Results Management

Google notifies users of contact info found online and simplifies the removal process from search results.

Texas Scores Legal Win Against Google in Antitrust Lawsuit

Texas triumphs as U.S. judicial panel rejects Google's appeal, lawsuit to return to Lone Star state.

By Simbi

Google Found Guilty of Patent Infringementwhile Facing $338.7 Million fine

Google faces $338.7M penalty for infringing Touchstream's patents on remote-streaming technology in recent legal battle.

Alphabet’s Q2 Profit Surpasses Expectations with Strong Cloud Services and AI Growth

Alphabet's Q2 profit beats estimates, driven by cloud demand and potential growth in artificial intelligence.

Nearby Share: Google’s Cross-Device File Transfer Solution Now Officially Available for Windows

Google releases stable version of Nearby Share, enabling easy cross-device file sharing for Windows and Android.

A Comprehensive Guide to Utilizing Google Docs Offline without Internet Access

Discover how to set up and use Google Docs offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity wherever you go.

By Ahmed

Google Bard finally helps you write software codes like ChatGPT

Google continues to augment its ChatGPT competitor with new feature that allows it to code in

Google Fold will reportedly debut alongside the Pixel 7a as early as May

While there aren't many leaked specifications about the device, we heard it will sport a 256GB

Google to officially integrate AI into Gmail and other Workspace app suite

The move is to catch up with the AI-integration by major tech companies across the globe.

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