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The rise and the stability of one of the biggest e-commerce company in the entire world. Read all the stories about Amazon in full details and in comprehensive manners.

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Resilient consumer demands despite a steep economy propel Amazon’s share by 13%

Its cloud-based computing service also added to its earning potentials

By Vonci Gigi 5 Min Read

Here’s how to quickly get rid of your Amazon Prime subscription in just a few steps

Though it came with a long pile of perks, for whatever reason,

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Amazon is currently working to make Alexa sound just like anyone you want it to

The technology is still in development and we don't know how soon

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

Alexa will be NASA’s AI virtual assistant for its Artemis I mission

The system will be used along with virtual crews for a trip

By Lisa Irène 3 Min Read

Amazon Web Services explains the cause of the recent lengthy outage

Causing many services that relied on it to pause for several hours

By Fey Aniston 3 Min Read

Apple and Amazon hit with a huge fine by Italian authorities over sales malpractices

Apple argues its stance is to help reduce the number of counterfeit

By Fey Aniston 2 Min Read

TikTok app is now available on Fire TV in the US

Even though it would have been nice to have it on other

By Metti Misswyambwe 2 Min Read

Amazon will lauch two test satellites to commence its Project Kuiper in 2022

The company recently received permision from the FCC to launch up to

By Lisa Irène 2 Min Read

Amazon opens its first 4-star non-food store in the UK

The company's move to expand its reach continues with its first non-food

By Fey Aniston 4 Min Read

Shenzhen government will not meddle with Made in China, sold on Amazon merchants over dispute with the US company

Amazon has started cracking down on merchants who pay people for reviews

By Biola Kay 4 Min Read

This is how to Copy & Paste text on Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is a good to have device for many which integrates

By Ret SILO 3 Min Read

Lawsuit against Amazon over lack of protection during pandemic moved to NY court

The tussle between Amazon and its employees doesn't seems to be coming

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Amazon team up with EV automaker Rivian to utilize Electric vans for delivery in America

The fleet will be deployed to some 16 cities later on this

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

Amazon to Stop Hosting and Support for Parler on its Server

Following the current showdown in the US over the Capitol Hill riot,

By Simbi 5 Min Read

Indian retailers alleged Amazon’s practices is killing their businesses

There is a new Amazon antitrust case in India which is as

By Phils Carlque 4 Min Read

Microsoft will move Minecraft to Azure by the end of the year

Microsoft own a number of software and services among which is Minecraft

By Bola Adetona 4 Min Read


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