How to unsubscribe from any emails service on Gmail, Outlook, and iOS Mail

Learn how to effortlessly unsubscribe from promotional emails in Gmail, Outlook, and iOS Mail for a

UK Encryption Debate: Balancing Child Safety and Privacy Concerns Sparks Controversy

The British government's encryption protection promise faces backlash as experts clash over child safety vs. privacy.

How to Shield Your Phone from Hacks

Learn essential mobile cybersecurity practices to safeguard sensitive information and counter potential cyber threats on your

How to Automatically Block Spam calls on WhatsApp

Learn how to use WhatsApp's Silence Unknown Callers feature to block spam calls and regain peace.

Russian Government-Linked Hackers Target Global Organizations via Microsoft Teams Chats

Microsoft researchers reveal a highly targeted hacking campaign by a Russian group impersonating technical support in

5G Wifi Surveillance Camera

The 5G Wifi 5MP E27 Bulb Surveillance Camera with 4X digital zoom and AI human detection.

Data Backup is essential and your small business’ existence depends on it

There are several ways by which you can imbibe the act of constant data backup into

Cybersecurity needs to be part of your small business culture as a proactive measure

Learn how companies foster a cyber-aware culture to protect against the surging tide of cyber threats.

Data Breach Response Guide: Protect Your Information and Seek Compensation

Learn how to respond to data breaches, safeguard your data, and pursue compensation if affected.

SEC’s New Rule Requires Faster Data Breach Disclosures for Public Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission mandates swift disclosure of data breaches by publicly traded companies.

Avoiding Phishing Attacks: How to Stay Safe Online and Protect Your Information

Learn how to protect yourself from phishing attacks and safeguard sensitive data from cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Paradox: Drowning in the Chaos of Pointless Alerts

Discover how the cyber threat landscape and excessive alerts push IT analysts to the brink of

TikTok Introduces Biometric Passkeys for Enhanced Account Security

Discover how TikTok's biometric passkeys revolutionize login security, using fingerprints and facial features for protection.

Best Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphones in 2023

Discover the best Android antivirus apps in 2023 for top-notch security and protection against threats.

Best Free VPN for Android 2023

In the world of cyber theft, identity theft, data breaches and data harvesting, the best solution

By Ahmed

Best Google Chrome VPN Extensions

Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to

By Ahmed

Best Antivirus software for Gamers

As a gamer, one of the best ways to keep your computer clean and safe from

Wireless Camera Video Doorbell

Get Unmatched Home Security with the Wireless Camera Video Doorbell - Now at an Incredible 72%

LastPass’ recent security breach shoe the importance of keeping computer software updated

Hackers were able to exploit a Plex Media Server software installed o an employee's home computer

Chinese surveillance camera maker Hikvision unbothered about the lack of Nvidia GPUs moving forward

The company which was alleged to be in close ties with the Chinese government and its

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