Meta will no longer allow politicians to use its Generative ad AI tools

Meta's restriction on AI in political ads raises concerns, reshaping the landscape of social media advertising.

By Simbi

EU Orders Meta and TikTok to Tackle Hate Speech: Digital Services Act Compliance Under Scrutiny

European Commission targets Meta and TikTok, demanding compliance with Digital Services Act to combat hate speech

By Simbi

Meta’s Reality Labs Shake-Up: Layoffs, AR Glasses, and the Metaverse Quest Unveiled

Meta plans layoffs in Reality Labs, but unveils AR glasses and metaverse ambitions in a tech

By Simbi

Meta’s $725 Million Settlement: Last Chance for Facebook Users to Claim Compensation

Facebook users have one month left to sign up for a share of Meta's $725 million

By Simbi

Meta Platforms Aims to Boost User Retention on Threads After Buzzy Launch

Meta Platforms seeks to improve retention on Threads after losing half its users post-launch.

By Simbi

Threads will reportedly get a DM feature soon

Instagram Threads gains massive popularity as an alternative to Twitter, set to introduce DMs and other

By Simbi

Comedian Sarah Silverman Leads Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Meta Over Copyright Infringement

Comedian Sarah Silverman and writers file lawsuit accusing OpenAI and Meta of training AI models on

Threads is official and has amassed over 10 Million sign ups according to Mark Zuckerberg

Meta launches Threads, a new app aiming to revolutionize real-time conversations online, posing a significant threat

By Simbi

Meta Threads will debut July 6th with potential 2 Billion users readily available at its disposal

Discover Threads, the revolutionary social media platform aiming to revolutionize online conversations. Learn about its features,

By Simbi

Thread is Meta’s answer to Twitter’s temporal restrictions

Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook, plans to release Threads, a microblogging app integrated with Instagram,

By Simbi

Trump finally makes his comeback on Facebook and YouTube

The former president continues his run as the most controversial person in the country

By Simbi

Meta will officially fire another set of 10,000 employees starting as early as this week

The company's current financial status has required it to operate leaner while also abandoning low-priorities projects

By Simbi

Meta ready to end news access in Canada if its Online News Act passes as a law

The regulation is meant to help news organizations recoup all the losses they accrued over the

By Simbi

Meta reportedly planning a new round of job cut that could affect thousands more

The social media giant is said to be planning to flatten its organization in a bid

By Simbi

Meta cuts Quest Pro VR headset price by $500 worldwide

In an effort to make VR more accessible, Meta has announced a significant price cut for

Meta is said to be deciding whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US President's account was terminated over the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

By Simbi

Meta fires over 11,000 employees at a time

The company has seen a huge 70% loss in its valuation

WhatsApp is also getting the Facebook-styled 3D Avatar feature

How soon every Android users will get a stable version of this feature is yet unknown

Trump may be allowed back on Facebook as early as January 2023

The former US President got his account suspended for over a year now but Meta says

By Simbi

Meta hit with a fresh lawsuit for allegedly using a sneaky loophole to track iPhone users despite Apple’s ATT policy

New research has it that Meta injects a JavaScript tracking code to any website you visit

By Simbi
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