Best Smartphones in 2023 so far

We highlighted a list of the best smartphones you can get in the year 2023 so far

By Ret SILO 39 Min Read

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Toshiba robot to help for a safer cleaning of ruined Fukushima meltdown – Report

Many times, technology could have a very adverse effect in government. The

By Phils Carlque 42.8k Views

Companies linked with Ant see a share rise after Jack Ma steps down

The company has been subjected to a two-year-long regulation which has affected

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By Simbi

The new iPhone 14 Pro has some awesome specifications

The device offers a better camera quality, faster A16 Bionic chipset, a

The new Beyerdynamic Free Byrd buds is everything a premium TWS earbuds should be in 2022

Comes with a ton of cool features, customization, and cool-looking design aesthetics

Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) is a downgrade from the previous model in every sense

Most of the features that made the previous Moto G Stylus cool

I still don’t know why the QCY T13 Bluetooth earbuds are so affordable

While being affordable, it offers a great deal of customization from its controls to its equalizers via its bundled mobile application. It also has a long-lasting battery with a solid

4.1 out of 5Solid battery, great audio output with low-latency, game mode system, customization via mobile app and an affordable price point.
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Watch Honor unveil the Magic 3 series

Honor has enjoyed some amount of success after parting ways with its former parent company Huawei due to the US sanctions on the company. However,

Phils Carlque By Phils Carlque 302 Views

Watch NASA’s Next Spacewalk on Saturday March 13th

Experience the maintenance process of the International Space Station by some of the best astronauts in action live today on Brumpost TV

Lisa Irène By Lisa Irène 300 Views

Alleged iPhone 12 Pro Max leaked video showed some interesting features

Jon Prosser is back at it again and this time it's with the iPhone 12 Pro Max which had earlier on been leaked through some

Liam Hall By Liam Hall 393 Views

This is the first trailer for the Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Earlier this year, we've reported stories about the Zack Snyder's cut for the blockbuster super hero movie The Justice League which is said to debut

Simbi By Simbi 266 Views

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How Netflix secret Codes can help you take absolute control of what to watch in 2023

Netflix's algorithm can be a big headache due to its poor suggestion

By Metti Misswyambwe 6 Min Read

You want to get the Dynamic Island feature on your Android smartphone right? Here’s how to do it

Just in case you're so envious of the Dynamic Island on the

By Ret SILO 11 Min Read

Here’s how to setup eSIM on your new iPhone 14

The process is very simple and straightforward but in case of issues, you may have to

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read

You can possibly turn on end-to-end encryption on your Ring Video Doorbell

Due to privacy concerns, you too might want to encrypt your Ring videos even though it

By Ret SILO 6 Min Read

The simplest ways how to make your small business appear bigger than it is

Having a good reputation is very important for every small business going against the big players who have all the financial capacity. But in order for you to appear as

By Biola Kay 8 Min Read

How to scale your small business in 2023

The majority of start-ups die before their first-year anniversary because they cannot scale efficiently. There are

These are the tips that will allow you work effectively from Home

To effectively work from home, here are 11 expert tips and tech guides to follow to

Four reasons you’re battling Zoom Fatigue and how to counter the situation

Zoom fatigue is a constant phenomenon due to the usage of virtual

40+ Amazing Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki

Inspiring quotes from a financial educator to teach you the best ways

By Simbi

Amazing pictures captured by the James Webb Space Telescope courtesy of NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope is already helping scientists and researchers understand our place in the vast cosmos.

Lisa Irène By Lisa Irène 386 Views

OnePlus 10 Pro’s Green color variant is Beautiful

A beautiful device with a lot of cool features and powerful battery

Ret SILO By Ret SILO 822 Views

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a futuristic car with an amazing range

At the CES 2022, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its concept car, the amazing Vision EQXX which is expected to beat existing ultra-long mileage EVs on the market

Alfred Dune By Alfred Dune 196 Views

Blue Origin sends private citizens to space including Michael Strahan

Even though some of you may not be a big fan of Blue Origin, it's worth noting that the company is certainly doing great in

Lisa Irène By Lisa Irène 318 Views
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