TikTok banned on government-issued devices in Ireland

It's just a matter of time before one government enforces a total

Tesla Autopilot Found Safe by Jury in First Crash-Related Trial

Even hough the company has been criticized by many over its self-driving

Google Bard finally helps you write software codes like ChatGPT

Google continues to augment its ChatGPT competitor with new feature that allows

TSMC braces itself for Q2 as its customers struggle to make sales

Analysts predict a slightly stringent Q2 for the chipmaker giant amid the

Italy plans to give ChatGPT one more chance

The country wants other world leaders to enforce new regulations that will

Apple officially opens its first store in India

The newly established store will further cement the company's foundation in India

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Best health tracking app for Android

From Google Fit to Samsung Health, Hevy, Fitbit, and so forth, all these applications will allow you to freely monitor

Best Smartphones in 2023 so far

We highlighted a list of the best smartphones you can get in the year 2023

Best Google Chrome VPN Add-on

Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks

Baseus GaN 65W Charger

Charges super-fast at a whopping 65W making it totally ideal for any kind of smartphone

By Johannes 4 Min Read

ALLPOWERS Power Station

Never experience power inadequacy again thanks to all of these amazing products from AliExpress

By Johannes 6 Min Read

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The smart robot vacuum cleaner can do more for you and make your life much

By Johannes 5 Min Read

This Powerstation costs 55% less

It's powerful and offers all the benefits you'd expect on a full-blown power station and

By Johannes 5 Min Read

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to its powerful suction capacity and long-lasting capacity, this cordless vacuum cleaner will change

By Johannes 5 Min Read

Get Lenovo LP75 with 64% off

The Lenovo LP75 TWS earbuds has all the cool features, specs, and the price point

By Johannes 2 Min Read

Computer Accessories

All came with massive discounts from AliExpress

By Johannes 7 Min Read

500W Portable Power Station

The all-in-one power station you need to power all your gadgets on your next outdoor

By Johannes 4 Min Read

Bezior XF200 foldable e-bike

It comes with incredible features and great reviews from customers who have actually used and

By Johannes 3 Min Read

JJRC X20 Pro RC Drone

Comes with every professional feature such as a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization, a 2K video

By Johannes 2 Min Read

Hiseeu surveillance camera

All devices on the list are of great quality and have good reviews from those

By Johannes 9 Min Read

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The newly established store will further cement the company's foundation in India

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Not iPhone 15 series but what if the iPhone 16 or 17 series are completely portless?

Considering Apple's adamant approach to giving up its Lightning Port for USB-C based on the mandatory regulations of the EU, what if the tech giant

These Websites allow you to watch Hollywood movies for free in 2023

It's thrilling to know that there are websites that offer Hollywood movies

By Simbi SaaS
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