Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to these great and free VPN extensions for Google Chrome which is the most popular

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Has the Indian government also blocked DuckDuckGo?

While the Indian government might be currently angry with the Chinese over land border which has

5 high value yet affordable Smartwatches for you

Smartwatches are cool technology and everyone loves them but what about affordable ones. One of the

Tesla Model 3 Made-in-China suspected delivery begin already

Transport trucks carrying Tesla Model 3 that were Made-in-China was spotted leaving the company's Gigafactory 3

We got a first look into the Galaxy A70e render

Galaxy A70 was an interesting smartphone when it was released last year offering upper mid-range specifications

Four reasons you’re battling Zoom Fatigue and how to counter the situation

Zoom fatigue is a constant phenomenon due to the usage of virtual

40+ Amazing Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki

Inspiring quotes from a financial educator to teach you the best ways

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Best Content Management System for your business

Being able to manage all your content in a centralized environment efficiently

Best Side Hustles to try in 2021 so You Never run out of Cash

Never run of of money, fuel your passion and build a passive

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Get this amazing 500W Portable Power Station at an amazingly low price point

The all-in-one power station you need to power all your gadgets on your next outdoor trip or to jump your

By Wendy Xi 4 Min Read

Get the amazing Bezior XF200 foldable e-bike at a huge 29% off its retail price

It comes with incredible features and great reviews from customers who have actually used and seen how reliable the e-bike

By Wendy Xi 3 Min Read

Get the all-new JJRC X20 Pro RC Drone at a ridiculously affordable price

Comes with every professional feature such as a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization, a 2K video recording capability, long-lasting battery life,

By Wendy Xi 2 Min Read

Secure your home with any of these powerful Hiseeu surveillance camera

All devices on the list are of great quality and have good reviews from those who have used the products

By Wendy Xi 9 Min Read

Get the Teclast T40 Plus tablet at a ridiculously-affordable price point

The device offers some good quality features including its big display, fast chipset, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard

By Wendy Xi 2 Min Read

Grab this powerful 400W 33KPA handheld wireless vacuum cleaner at a fraction of the price

Comes with an intelligent system to help manage the device's power usage, and filtration, while producing a massive 33KPA suction

By Wendy Xi 4 Min Read