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Even the once budding WeWork has now gone bankrupt

WeWork's bankruptcy filing reflects the downfall of a once-promising office-sharing empire, reshaping modern workspace dynamics.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Brave Challenges to Expand Global Business Ventures Amid Shifting Markets

Chinese entrepreneurs like Kent Liu and Musk Lu explore international markets amidst global economic shifts.

Lenovo’s Revenue Plunge over poor PC sales in Q1

Here are the reasons behind Lenovo's 24% revenue drop and CEO's positive outlook amidst PC market challenges.

Amazon Streamlines In-House Brands Amidst FTC Antitrust Speculations: What to Expect

Learn how Amazon is optimizing its in-house product range in response to potential FTC antitrust action.

Rising Console Sales and Anticipated Game Releases Fuel Projected 2.6% Growth in Global Gaming Market

Global gaming market set to grow 2.6% in 2023 due to surging console sales and awaited game launches.

Electric Vehicle Startups Face Tesla’s Impact as Funding Drought Intensifies

U.S. EV startups brace for Tesla's price war aftermath, battling cash struggles amid funding challenges.

Apple Forecasts Continued Sales Slump Despite Beating Targets in Q3

Apple's Q3 profit beats expectations, but iPhone sales disappoint, and the company predicts ongoing sales decline.

Intel Surges 7% as Strong Quarterly Report Signals Turnaround in Fortunes

Intel's surprising Q2 profits indicate a potential end to the PC market slump, driving a 7% stock rise.

Alphabet’s Q2 Profit Surpasses Expectations with Strong Cloud Services and AI Growth

Alphabet's Q2 profit beats estimates, driven by cloud demand and potential growth in artificial intelligence.


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