Share your inner-most passion for tech in every forms possible

Technology is a very powerful tool that had driven the entire human civilization for centuries.

At Brumpost, we bridge the gap between the Future, Technology and Humans hence we talk about “Tech in Full Details”.

This cannot be possible without the help of talented tech nerds and geeks who are obsessed with the future.

Here at Brumpost, we have a wide variety of brains that channel their wide knowledge into numerous areas of tech findings and reporting all the latest to the whole world.

As an organization, we always welcome new talents who are also obsessed like us. Our platform is a narrative microphone to get your very own creativity out to the entire humanity.

Brumpost Career FAQ

Send us a couple of your write-ups to us and we will evaluate it. Make sure you attach your details such as Contact details and other means of contact so that we can easily get back to you as soon as we deem fit.

[email protected]

Our recruitment team will work as fast as they possibly can to see that all career emails are tended to as soon as they arrive which means within a couple of days, we’ll inform you about the status of your processing with us

Although our origin is Africa, we still cater for the whole World Wide Web which means you can work for us no matter where you are in the part of the world. Ones we get you approved, then we will process the appointment and you can start working for us.

There are no special requirements. We just want people who are die-hards and willing to give it their all into tech journalism. Because of the reputation we’re trying to build, we therefore want people that fits into that value and reputation

Below, we have some of the roles and positions that are vacant or needs more professionals. You can apply for any of these roles by including the name of that role as the title of your application email and then write a descriptive body and then other attachments you might want to include.

example: Application for position of Mobile app developer

Available roles

Not available yet, Please check back soonest!!!

Not available yet, Please check back soonest!!!

Not available yet, Please check back soonest!!!

Not available yet, Please check back soonest!!!

Not available yet, Please check back soonest!!!

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