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Hello Writer, since you’ve decided to contribute to Brumpost, then we’re very glad to have your articles here. Please do note that we won’t automagically publish all articles unless they meet our requirements.

So make sure you check the post you’re planning to write and see if they’re good enough.We accept articles that is themed around Technology and Science.

Articles can be in form of videos, audios and graphics, we will accept them so far they meet  our requirements.

As an author, you should make sure that your contents are well written in a good and clean format so that it can appease your potential audience after all, no one will be interested in a voluminous jargons.

Even if your post will teach them how they can make $1Million from leaves, you need to make sure that things are well written in such a way that it can be of interest in the first place.

Make sure that you use

  1. Bullets or numbering so as to position your lists well
  2. images because people love them
  3. Gifs and Videos are all awesome if they are all about the post article
  4. Link references which are from credible sources especially if the post is research based
  5. Good Quotes and source referencing
  6. Write eye catching title that will enable good CTR

But please note that we won’t accept articles that are about self promotion or in form of advertisement or links that leads to unknown websites or unapproved sources based on our own wishes.

But don’t be shy to write from the depth of your heart telling us all how you achieved those things you’re able to.

Now that you’ve written your awesome article for us, what you should do is

  1. Login or create a new account (The process is very simple. You can even use your social network profile)
  2. Go to your account by clicking on your avatar/username that appears at the head (top right) of the screen
  3. In your account, click on the “Submit Post” button
  4. In the new post form screen, enter details as labelled (e.g: Title, subtitle, content, post attachment, category, and tag)
  5. Then click on “Submit Post” button

That’s all. We will go through your post and then publish them afterwards

Whatever it is you’ve written, make sure it’s still within our niche. For better understanding about how we write, you can just go through our articles and see how we write. Thanks for your interest to Write for us at Brumpost. We hope you add values to us and our audience.

Do not hesitate to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to learn about our community guidelines

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