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Reach all of our audience who are tech enthusiasts and digital allies
Ages 18-24


Median Age


Attended College


Broadband Access


50k + HHI


75k + HHI






We’ve got about 30+ ads spots on our platform which means you have total visibility and can therefore make strategic plans to get a higher CTR. 

Our ads system detects what is best and we serve ads based on user’s interest. Our audience who are tech-centric people of the new age all have passion for anything tech and engage.

Our regular surveys brings us closer to our audience making us understand their needs and wants therefore giving them exactly what they want in every ramifications of our products and services.

Our ads spaces are

  1. Above Header (Wide screen Ads): This is located right above our website’s navigation area
  2. Below Header (Wide screen Ads): This ads space is located right below our website’s navigation area
  3. Side Area ads (Square 350 x 250 px  and Skyscraper 350 x 600 px): Located at the sides of our website
  4. Inline Ads (Wide 720 x 90 px): Loaded within each posts and post loops (Also good for mobile)
  5. Mobile Pop out Ads (Square 350 x 250 px): Pops up in mobile devices and fits well on mobile screens
  6. Sticky footer Ads (Mobile Wide 350 x 50 px): Loads static within our Mobile apps  at the footer area 

There are also custom ads spaces within our products and services like our Forum, Downloads, Deals and Promotions and our other Sister websites. All is to serve the interest of our audience by solving their problems with good products and services and awesome promotions.


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