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Vonci Gigi

Vonci GiGi

Vonci Gigi is the Editor-in-Chief and tech-evangelist at Brumpost



Ret SILO is a senior tech journalist at BrumPost reporting on anything high tech and tutorship on basic tech hacks and how to. SILO is an avid tech gadget lover and a car freak

John wong

John Wong

John reports the latest stories about Science and Technology, Tech culture, and Mobile Gadgets industry. A dynamic Sci-fi movie lover as well as a game player. John is also an amateur game developer during his leisure time. You can be his friend on Twitter.


Wendy Xi

Senior tech editor at The Bargainer where she collates and collects numerous deals and promotions daily so you don't have to waste your time scouring the internet for the best deals.

Liam Hall AV

Liam Hall

Liam is a senior editor at Brumpost Magazine. He researches, collates, and publishes awesome stories on the future and its influence on the present.


Fey Aniston

A corporate woman, tech expert, and a superwoman. She is a successful mom at home and a senior editor at Brumpost News. Her amazing articles range in topics such as the tech industry, startups, Enterprise, and Sci-Tech. She's also a tech teacher with her evergreen How-to guides.


Lisa Irène

Lisa is a senior tech editor at Brumpost reporting on Sci-Tech and tech culture. Before the Post, she had worked in numerous media companies. When she's not editing great content, she's probably having cold chills with her friends and colleagues


Anna Xiaoling

Xiaoling is a tech journalist, a photographer, an author and a WordPress developer. Hit her up on Twitter. Before she joined Brumpost, she had been a Techvangelist. AnnaX writes on Sci-Tech and Gadgets on Brumpost

Simbi Adekunle


Simbi writes about tech culture and the dynamics of the tech industry in Africa as a whole.

Brett McAuley

Bett McAuley

Brett is a gear lover and an avid gamer who loves to share his experience about the industry in full detail on Brumpost.

Maria Janetta

Maria Janetta

Maria Janetta is a senior editor on Brumpost. She was a previous consultant and had also written extensive stories about the tech industry at large. She covers stories on Sci-Tech, Tech culture, Gears & Gadgets. A mother of one, she's also a guest speaker on several local talk shows promoting the importance of Tech in our modern world.

Phils Carlque

Phils Carlque

At 12, Phils had written his first Sci-fi comic. At 18, Phils decided to be a large-scale writer; starting as a freelance writer. For a long time, he had written awesome tech articles before switching to Brumpost. Being seriously researching by the day doesn't mean he's null by the night.

Tad Leung

When Leung was 7, he built his own toy cars which he sold to his friends. A tech genius who also finds passion in writing amazing stories about the automotive industry. Tad's amazing articles can be seen everywhere on Brumpost.

Alfred Dune

Alfred Dune

Alfred Dune is a big car enthusiast who happens to be a senior tech reporter at TirePost. His expertise in the industry span over two decades and he continuously narrate stories from the automotive industry effectively


Biola Kay

Biola Kay is a Mass knowledge who reports about the Corporate aspects of the tech industry. Through his thoroughly researched stories, you can learn more about Gadget hacks and How-to Fix your appliances, He also reports about the tech industry rumors and announcements.


Ken Fu

When it comes to amazing tech facts, news, reviews, Kenneth is your best bet. You can chill with him at times downtown while having cold beer with other geeks. Ken is on Twitter.

Metti Misswyambwe

Metti Misswyambwe

Metti keeps all updated on stories about Science and Technology. She narrates about Cultures of technology including apps & software, TVs & Movies, Social Media and the Internet of Things, VR, and Human Science. Known in her city as the techie one. Metti is also a fan of Sci-fi movies especially Star Wars. You can also keep up with her on Twitter


Sam Curtis

Samantha Curtis is a tech reporter on Brumpost who covers stories on Tech culture, Startups, Enterprise, Gadgets & Gears. She also writes amazing tech product reviews. You can count on her for anything technology.

Prierce Dallas

Prierce Dallas

Prierce Dallas is a contributing author on Brumpost. A retired business analyst from the New York Times Square who had helped grown different businesses from the ground up. Sharing knowledge learned over decades of experience is why Prierce is a great asset to the community at large.

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