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Vonci Gigi

Vonci GiGi

Vonci Gigi is the Editor-in-Chief and tech-evangelist at Brumpost



Ret SILO is a senior tech journalist at BrumPost reporting on anything high tech and tutorship on basic tech hacks and how to. SILO is an avid tech gadget lover and a car freak

John wong

John Wong

Get all the latest stories, facts, insider updates, and rumors about the next-gen Android-based smartphones and other amazing non-iOS mobile gadget stories and reports exclusively from John Wong on the daily basis.


Wendy Xi

Senior tech editor at The Bargainer where she collates and collects numerous deals and promotions daily so you don't have to waste your time scouring the internet for the best deals.

Liam Hall AV

Liam Hall

For all the stories related to iOS-powered devices including the iPadOS, MacOS, and other cool Apple products, Liam is your source for updated stories and insiders' reports.


Fey Aniston

If you want to keep updated on the latest tech-related stories and enterprise news from big-tech across the globe, Fey is your best source for all the latest stories and in-depth analysis about the tech industry and corporate affairs.


Lisa Irène

Lisa is a senior tech editor at Brumpost reporting on Science, space exploration, NASA, interplanetary travel, and everything related to planetary science.


Anna Xiaoling

AnnaX writes about human science, fitness, well-being, and good living. She's an avid techie and Earth lover.

Simbi Adekunle


Simbi writes about tech culture and the dynamics of the tech industry in Africa as a whole.

Brett McAuley

Bett McAuley

Brett shares daily tech stories and updates concerning desktop computing devices in full detail. Get the latest on computers such as PCs, Gaming computers, and tablets. Brett is your hardware guy.

Bola Adetona

Bola Adetona

Get your daily dose of computer-related stories (Mac, Windows, Linux, and every software in-between) from the expert. You can also follow him for all the interesting stories and guides on how to fix your computer devices.

Maria Janetta

Maria Janetta

Maria Janetta is a senior editor of mobile products at Brumpost. She covers stories on mobile Gears & Gadgets, and her non-biased smartphone review can help you form a better purchasing decision.

Phils Carlque

Phils Carlque

Learn how to fix your broken gadget without necessarily paying a hefty price at a repair shop. Phils constantly write about the best practices to help keep your mobile and desktop gadgets safe and secured.

Tad Leung

When Leung was 7, he built his own toy cars which he sold to his friends. A tech genius who also finds passion in writing amazing stories about the automotive industry. Tad's amazing articles can be seen everywhere on Brumpost.

Alfred Dune

Alfred Dune

Alfred Dune is a big car enthusiast who happens to be a senior tech reporter at TirePost. His expertise in the industry span over two decades and he continuously narrate stories from the automotive industry effectively


Biola Kay

An avid tech master in the heart of Africa. Kay is a constant tech contributor on Brumpost where he narrates the latest happenings in the tech space within the African continent from an African's point of view. You can learn more about Gadget hacks and How-to Fix your appliances, He also writes about Gadget hacks and How-to Fix your appliances.


Ken Fu

Ken is our EVTOL contributor and a lover of futuristic flying electric cars and transportation.

Metti Misswyambwe

Metti Misswyambwe

Get the latest updates on tech culture, social media, and entertainment from Metti. She cover stories of internet-based tech companies including Meta, Twitter, Google, TikTok, and so forth.


Sam Curtis

Sam writes on wearable devices ranging from smartwatches, fitness trackers, VR headsets, and smart glasses.

Prierce Dallas

Prierce Dallas

Prierce Dallas is a contributing author on Brumpost. A retired business analyst from the New York's Time Square who had helped grown different businesses from ground up. Sharing knowledge learnt over decades of experience is why Prierce is a great asset to the community at large.


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