What can be more annoying than spending your hard-earned money on some gadgets which doesn’t work because of some minor issue requiring you to spend an extra sum of amount to hire an engineer to fix it. Well, Brumpost Gears and Gadget Guide is the channel where experts teaches you how to conveniently fix your smart gears and gadgets by yourself without having to spend extra bucks. We also guide you through the process of installing new devices which you might have difficulties installing and so much more.

How to buy a TV in 2023

Depending on your budget, needs, and even the size of your home or apartment, all these are things to consider

By Ahmed

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How to buy a TV in 2023

Depending on your budget, needs, and even the size of your home or apartment, all these

By Ahmed

How to Preserve the Battery Life of Your iPhone in 2023

Learn how to extend your iPhone battery life in 2023 with top tips and recommended optimization

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There is no straight answer to this but what is known is that you can disable

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The process is very simple and straightforward but in case of issues, you may have to

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Due to privacy concerns, you too might want to encrypt your Ring videos even though it

By Ahmed

Here’s how to easily switch the codec of pictures on your iPhone from HEIC to JPG

While the HEIC format retains all the quality, some users might just prefer JPG for whatever

The Apple AirTag can be your fullfledged tracking device and here’s how to do that

Whether you want to find where you parked your eBike or find your own camping tent

How to use your Android smartphone as webcam for Zoom live broadcasts

This free application gets the ball rolling for you

By Ahmed

How to check the authenticity of your Apple Magsafe

Sine the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple might never look back as the Cupertino-based

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