What can be more annoying than spending your hard-earned money on some gadgets which doesn’t work because of some minor issue requiring you to spend an extra sum of amount to hire an engineer to fix it. Well, Brumpost Gears and Gadget Guide is the channel where experts teaches you how to conveniently fix your smart gears and gadgets by yourself without having to spend extra bucks. We also guide you through the process of installing new devices which you might have difficulties installing and so much more.

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These are the 5 new features of the Apple Watch 5

The Apple WatchOS 6 is out and here is how to install it and what comes with it

You Might’ve been cleaning your smartphone the wrong way for long

Using the right materials will keep your smartphone clean and here are those things you should know about cleaning your

Your iPhone X can’t be safer if you practise the following

A smartphone as expensive as the iPhone X might seems delicate to handle and that could be true to an

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