The internet is part of our culture in the modern world and it’s can be used to do anything. Brumpost analyses the ups and downs and how to use the internet to your very own advantage with tools and services that can help you achieve your life goals using the internet.

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What to do before starting online businesses and 13 business ideas

To start anything online, you have to understand what works and what is in vogue.Being able to create what people

Simplest steps on how to create a download website using WordPress

WordPress is ssurely a blogging tool but it's not limited to that job alone. With it's awesome support for plugin

How to install WordPress on localhost server

Installing WordPress on a localhost server isn't that a big task so far you can set up your localhost server

How to create a MySQL Database – A complete beginner guide

For those noobs who are usually scared of the facts when told "Create a MySQL database and ..." Well, i

Importance of Yoast SEO for better SERP Ranking – WordPress

Wordpress as we know it is a very powerful software for better content creation. Normally, Wordpress would automatically create an

Must have WordPress plugins for beginners Bloggers in 2016

Wordpress is a very powerful software with a large amount of plugins which extends the system's functionalities. We've handpicked the

Doorgets a very powerful content management system

Have you ever wanted to write posts and get this publish in the most intuitive way ever? Okay...maybe I didn't

WordPress “The popular, The powerful, The reliable CMS” In Full details.

Hello new webmaster. You're probably here because of your basic lack of knowledge...oh sorry or insufficient understanding on how the

Joomla VS WordPress “The Head to Head of the two powerful CMS.

Even though they are beautiful. Their look is very compelling and you might get so confused about which to use

Joomla! The great Content management system at a glance.

Lots and lots of beginners users of the #Joomla CMS often find it difficult to use as it seems a

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