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Now you can stay connected with your loved ones and enjoy the same time together while being apart due to social distancing

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Latest Internet

Here’s how to quickly get rid of your Amazon Prime subscription in just a few steps

Though it came with a long pile of perks, for whatever reason,

By Simbi 3 Min Read

You can now install and stream songs and listen to podcasts via Spotify on your computer, here’s how

The process is as simple as installing the official Spotify desktop app

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

This Browser keeps your Data safe while Online

Cyber security is a very important thing to take into account. Brave

By Ret SILO 9 Min Read

This is how to find your Twitch Stream Key

You always require the Stream Key before you can even stream using

By Metti Misswyambwe 3 Min Read

How turn on dark mode on Google search

Dark modes are best for eyes and offer comfort especially in darkened

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

What You Need to Know About the Google One

Due to the large amount of data we make use of on

By Bola Adetona 8 Min Read

This is how to turn off annoying political ads on Facebook

You really need to turn off political ads on Facebook because of

By Ret SILO 3 Min Read

This is how to start a successful online store

Creating an efficient online e-commerce website can be a daunting task especially

By Ret SILO 21 Min Read

WrestleMania 36 is here. How to watch it at home

While other sporting and entertainment events might have shut down or paused

By Simbi 6 Min Read


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