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ESA Launches New Initiative for Commercial Cargo Program

ESA takes a bold leap, initiating a commercial cargo program for International Space Station transport.

Germany’s Workforce Evolution: Embracing Automation Amid Labor Shortages

Germany's labor market responds to shortages by automating operations, from small businesses to industrial giants.

Rediscovered 2000-year-old Ancient Roman Sandal Sheds Light on Lucus Asturum

Archaeologists unearth a beautifully crafted Roman sandal, revealing insights into Lucus Asturum's prosperous past.

Amazon’s European Sovereign Cloud: Privacy, Security, and Convenience for Government and Industries

Amazon's AWS is launching a secure cloud in Europe, providing data control and support for government

By Ahmed

EU Orders Meta and TikTok to Tackle Hate Speech: Digital Services Act Compliance Under Scrutiny

European Commission targets Meta and TikTok, demanding compliance with Digital Services Act to combat hate speech

By Simbi

Tesla Mulls Factory in Turkey After Erdogan’s Invite: Musk Discusses AI and Starlink Collaboration

Turkish President invites Elon Musk to build a Tesla factory while discussing AI and SpaceX's Starlink

French Regulators Demand the sale of iPhone 12 be stopped due to radiation

iPhone 12's SAR controversy in France, explore potential health implications, and Apple's response to regulatory demands.

By Ahmed

Elon Musk’s Recent Decision Regarding Starlink in Crimea’s Sevastopol showed his neutrality in the Ukraine-Russian war

Elon Musk's refusal to activate Starlink in Crimea reflects concerns of complicity in a major act

By Simbi

Chinese Electric Vehicle Makers Navigate Challenges in Entering the European Market

Chinese EV manufacturers face hurdles and opportunities as they expand into Europe's competitive market.

UK Encryption Debate: Balancing Child Safety and Privacy Concerns Sparks Controversy

The British government's encryption protection promise faces backlash as experts clash over child safety vs. privacy.

UK Contemplates plan to Enacts Investment Ban on China’s Tech like the US did

US bans new investments in China's tech sectors; UK assesses impact and aligns on security concerns.

Disney+ and Hulu Subscription Prices Set to Increase: New Bundling Option Introduced

Disney announces price hikes for ad-free Disney+ and Hulu plans, introduces bundle and addresses account sharing.

By Simbi

How to bypass the New Disney Plus subscription Tiers and Pricing in UK and Europe

A significant shift is on the horizon for Disney+ enthusiasts in the UK and Europe, as

By Ahmed

TikTok to Offer Non-Personalized Content Recommendations for EU Users

TikTok announces non-personalized content options for EU users as it gears up to comply with DSA

By Simbi

Apple Expands Tap to Pay on iPhone to UK, Revolutionizing Contactless Payments

Apple introduces Tap to Pay on iPhone in the UK, allowing businesses to securely accept contactless

The co-founder of Yandex, also known as “Russian Google” pens farewell to the company

Ahead of the company's corporate restructuring, the co-founder who was also part of the company's board

EU gives Apple the final ultimatum to switch to USB-C by autumn 2024

The One charger policy is a way by which the European Union is aiming to save

Apple pulls down Russia’s Facebook rival VK from its App Store

Apple however said the app would continue to run effectively on devices that already had it

By Simbi

Today on 29th, July 1982, the Salyut 6 space station was decommissioned

Though fully functional as at when it was abandoned, the space lab was intentionally made to

Don’t expect a price reduction for the next-gen Galaxy Z Flip 4

Thanks to the crazy inflation in 2022, the best you can expect from Samsung is retaining

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