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Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 will have a crazy-long battery that can last 700 days

The game-changing Galaxy SmartTag 2 with its compass view, extended battery life, and rugged build, now

Chinese Gamers in a Frenzy as Nvidia RTX 4090 Cards Vanish Amid US Export Restrictions

Nvidia's RTX 4090 graphics cards disappear from the Chinese market, causing panic among gamers due to

Revolutionary Chinese Firefighting Drones: Transforming Emergency Response

China's advanced drone system is redefining firefighting with speed, precision, and life-saving innovations.

China’s Bold Tech-Driven Vision for the Belt and Road Initiative is A New Era of Collaboration

China's strategy to harness technology in the Belt and Road Initiative, fostering global collaboration and innovation.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Brave Challenges to Expand Global Business Ventures Amid Shifting Markets

Chinese entrepreneurs like Kent Liu and Musk Lu explore international markets amidst global economic shifts.

Revolutionizing Space Tech: Chinese Scientists Develop Plasma Ring ‘Force Gun’ for Remote Object Manipulation

Chinese scientists pioneer a 'Force Gun' using plasma rings for remote object manipulation in space exploration.

Chinese Automaker BYD Expands Through $2.2 Billion Electronics Business Deal

Chinese automaker BYD acquires Jabil's mobile electronics manufacturing, boosting portfolio and competitiveness in the industry

India Successfully Lands Chandrayaan-3 on Moon’s South Pole: A Giant Leap for the Nation

The country achieved this feat even though Russia failed to land its lunar probe which crashed

Unveiling the Hidden Tales of the Moon’s History: Insights from China’s Chang’e-4 Mission

China's Chang'e-4 mission uncovered hidden lunar history and unveils ancient lava layers.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is almost as thin as the reputable Honor Magic V2

Xiaomi's impressive Mix Fold 3 sports a slim, powerful foldable phone with innovative features.

WHO’s Evaluation of EG.5 Coronavirus Variant: Limited Public Health Concerns Amidst Global Spread

World Health Organization examines EG.5 coronavirus variant, finding it no more alarming than other strains.

Hozon Auto’s Neta EVs to Enter Indonesian Market, Local Production Set for 2024

Hozon Auto aims to introduce Neta-branded EVs in Indonesia and plans local production by 2024

China continues to dominate as an Electric car market with BYD leading the race

China leads the global electric vehicle market, BYD shines, and Tesla's Model Y reigns in June

“FOSSiBOT F102: The Ultimate Rugged Smartphone’s Price, Specs & Availability

Discover the FOSSiBOT F102, a game-changing rugged smartphone designed for outdoor adventurers and photographers. Packed with

Poco Pods: Budget-Friendly TWS Earbuds Dropped in India

Poco Pods, the affordable earbuds boasting high-quality audio, low-latency gaming, and durable design.

Samsung Confirms Dust Protection for Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 in the Works

Samsung's mobile chief reveals plans for dust protection, enhancing the upcoming foldable phones' durability.

Renault Takes on Chinese Electric Car Invasion in Europe by Slashing Production Costs

Renault aims to reduce electric model production costs by 40% to fend off Chinese carmakers' competition.

AMD to Invest $400 Million in India, Establishing Largest Design Center in Bengaluru

U.S. chipmaker AMD announces a $400 million investment in India, setting up a major design center.

US Senate Backs Bill Requiring Companies to Report Investments in Chinese Technologies

US Senate overwhelmingly supports bill for US companies to notify federal agencies of Chinese technology investments.

How to watch Samsung Unpacked 2023

Samsung will debut its anticipated Galaxy Z series and smartwatches among other products

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