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Microsoft’s Changing The Future of Web Browsing via Cloud Technology

Microsoft's patent for a multi-device virtual web browser, transforming how we surf the internet without constraints.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI: Expanding Accessibility, Features, and Conversational Power

Microsoft announces broader access for Bing Chat AI, enabling third-party browsers, multimodal search, and enhanced conversation…

Russian Government-Linked Hackers Target Global Organizations via Microsoft Teams Chats

Microsoft researchers reveal a highly targeted hacking campaign by a Russian group impersonating technical support in…

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Discontinued: Updates Cease, Future Uncertain

Microsoft discontinues Surface Duo 2, halts updates, leaving users uncertain about the device's future.

Microsoft Beats Estimates with AI-Powered Cloud Revenue | Q4 Results 2023

Microsoft surpasses Wall Street expectations in Q4, driven by AI technology boosting cloud revenue.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat Now Available on Chrome and Safari: Exciting Updates and Dark Mode Included

Microsoft's Bing Chat expands to Chrome and Safari, offering exciting features and a stylish dark mode.

US Appeals Court Rejects FTC’s Bid to Halt Microsoft’s $69B Activision Blizzard Acquisition

A US appeals court denies the FTC's request to pause Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, clearing…

Microsoft Triumphs as Judge Rejects FTC’s Attempt to Halt Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Federal judge denies FTC's request to block Microsoft's $69B Activision Blizzard purchase, allowing deal to proceed.

Microsoft wants you to buy better thanks to its new AI tools for Bing and Edge

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's world, and Microsoft stands at the forefront of…

Microsoft continues to push the ChatGPT-Bing marriage in order to increase its search engine users

In fact, Bing is said to have had an increased number of daily active users due…

Browser War: Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome Browser vs Microsoft Edge Browser

While there is no perfect browser, the three are popular and great in their own ways.…

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Microsoft agrees to license Call of Duty to Sony for 10 years in Britain

After acquiring the popular gaming developer Activision, Microsoft has been facing a lot of antitrust strikes…

Microsoft continues to integrate ChatGPT into its service-based product

The Power Platform is the new system to enjoy the integration in order to allow developers…

Microsoft is partnering with autonomous delivery startup Gatik

Although tough, big tech companies continues to bet their top dollars on autonomous car startups

If you need a 2-in-1 laptop, you might want to consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The computer can be used either as a tablet or magnetically connected to its base and…

Windows 11 continues to get better thanks to these new updates

The new update includes a number of cool features, tweaks, and new features to enhance your…

Microsoft partners with HowLongToBeat while also enhancing the load time of the Xbox app for Windows platform

With HowLongToBeat, users can now see reviews about a selected game, how long it will take…

Microsoft testing a new Xbox Home UI that is expected to be launched by 2023

While testing is expected to commence in the coming months, some users still feel the new…

Microsoft joins other American tech companies to help nurture Sci-Tech start-ups in Hong Kong

The initiative called Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub will help nurture Hong Kong startups with technology…

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