X’s New “Not A Bot” Program Aims to Fight Spam and Enhance User Experience in New Zealand and the Philippines

X introduces a $1/year "Not A Bot" program to tackle spam and boost authenticity for web…

By Simbi

Elon Musk’s “X” Faces Trademark Lawsuit from X Social Media

Elon Musk's "X" faces a trademark lawsuit from X Social Media, alleging confusion and infringement.

By Simbi

Elon Musk’s Recent Decision Regarding Starlink in Crimea’s Sevastopol showed his neutrality in the Ukraine-Russian war

Elon Musk's refusal to activate Starlink in Crimea reflects concerns of complicity in a major act…

By Simbi

X Platform Faces Payment Delay as Revenue Sharing Program Surpasses Expectations

Recent news reveals a delay in payments on X platform due to overwhelming response to revenue…

By Simbi

Elon Musk’s Social Media Platform X Hits Record High with Over 540 Million Users

Elon Musk announces X's impressive growth, reaching 540 million users amid organizational changes and revenue boost…

By Simbi

X, formerly Twitter will integrate banking and payment systems

Twitter's transformation to X promises a global marketplace and fintech features, revolutionizing social media experiences.

By Simbi

Elon Musk’s Bold Rebranding: Twitter Becomes X

Elon Musk unveils X, a rebranded Twitter, aiming to revolutionize social media with diverse services.

By Simbi

Elon Musk Highlights Twitter’s Financial Struggles, Urges Focus on Positive Cash Flow

Elon Musk emphasizes the negative cash flow at Twitter, pointing to a drop in ad revenue…

By Simbi

Elon Musk wants you to subscribe to use TweetDeck

Twitter announces a forthcoming verification process for accessing TweetDeck, potentially charging users and addressing data scraping…

By Simbi

Twitter to Implement Tweet Reading Limits to Prevent Data Scraping and Manipulation, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk reveals Twitter's new tweet reading limits to discourage data scraping and manipulation, while addressing…

By Simbi

Musk believes Twitter could increase its cash flow by the next quarter

Even though the company is in massive debt, Musk believes the company could scale through and…

By Simbi

Twitter made more job cuts in its global content moderation team

The company recently cut some 3,700 jobs after it was acquired by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk…

Twitter will now allow political ads on its platform

The move is to further open the company's pool of revenue generation.

By Simbi

Musk warn Twitter may go bankrupt as more senior employees keep quitting their jobs at the company

Since he acquired Twitter, the company has been in one trouble or another causing advertisers to…

Kanye West isn’t steering clear of controversies as he just got his Twitter account suspended over an anti-Semitic tweet

Despite the hot water, the billionaire rapper has landed himself in recent times over the "White…

By Simbi

Musk and Twitter are yet to reach an agreement over the initial acquisition offer that will potentially end their legal tussle

The legal tussle between Musk and Twitter is expected to come to an end when the…

By Simbi

Elon Musk wants to proceed with the Twitter deal at the original US$44 billion price

Even after the whole drama between both parties, the billionaire seems to be changing his mind…

By Simbi

Billionaire Elon Musk made it known the Whistleblower deal made him drop off the Twitter deal

He stated that a US$7 million severance payment was made to the whistleblower who raised questions…

By Simbi

Twitter lawyers accused Elon Musk of backing out of the purchase deal due to “World War 3” rather than spambots

The Twitter whistleblower may already be complicating the social media's argument in the trial due to…

By Simbi

Twitter versus Musk court trial expected to commence as soon as Oct. 17th

Twitter accused Musk of backing out of the deal because his personal wealth has fallen but…

By Simbi
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