Netflix Announces Price Hike: What It Means for Your Subscription

Netflix shakes up subscription pricing, with Basic and Premium plans seeing increases. Is it worth the

By Simbi

Netflix is looking to expand its games to more platforms

The streaming giant is reportedly working on integrating its gaming service to more devices including TVs,

Netflix’s AI Initiatives Amid Hollywood Strikes: A Content Creation Revolution?

Are the ongoing conflicts in Hollywood ever going to cease? It seems that the major corporations

By Simbi

Netflix’s Sneaky Move: Eliminating Basic $10 Subscription, But Ad-Based Plan Thrives

Netflix quietly removes a $10 basic subscription and promotes an ad-based plan as the most popular

By Simbi

How Netflix secret Codes can help you take absolute control of what to watch in 2023

Netflix's algorithm can be a big headache due to its poor suggestion sometimes. To avoid this

Netflix will soon start charging you for sharing your password

The new feature is already being tested in some Latin American countries with a global roll-out

By Simbi

Netflix quietly bumped the price of its service up for users in the US and Canada

A slight bump in the price is meant to help pay for program

By Simbi

These are the great movies and series coming to Netflix in 2022

From animated series to horror movies and vampire stories and even love and romantic stories all

By Simbi

How to use the new Download for you feature on Netflix

A couple of days ago, I got a prompt notification on Netflix for a new addition

By Ahmed

“Cuties” is Horrendous and it’ll haunt you in your sleep. Don’t watch it !

Numerous Netflix subscribers have cancelled their subscription on the service due to the controversial French fil,

By Simbi

This is how to easily turn on and off Netflix subtitle

Netflix is one of the biggest video on-demand service out there and the application is on

Stay close to your loved ones with Netflix Party during social distancing

Now you can stay connected with your loved ones and enjoy the same time together while

By Ahmed

Will Coronavirus pandemic cause Netflix to rise?

The growth of Netflix might not be as obvious as thought due to the outbreak of

By Simbi

You can now disable the automatically-playing previews on Netflix

Bet Netflix UX Researchers are doing good jobs listening to their audiences. Okay what I meant

By Ahmed

Hate Trump’s jokes? You’ll soon be able to skip them on Netflix

Seth Meyers, a prolific comedian and popular host for the Late Night show is reported to

By Simbi

Netflix Releases first ever Top 10 List of most watched Contents

UK Version of Netflix will unveil the Top 10 most watched on a weekly basis

By Simbi

Netflix successfully hits a new 148M Subscribers hallmark, Plans new features

Netflix had been successful so far this year with the first quarter earning report shown in

Netflix Stops In-App Subscription for both New and Returning Customers on IOS

A move to maximize profit and cut off third party system such as Apple In-app payment

These are the best Upcoming TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime in 2019

And we're into another year of action TV shows and series online

By Simbi
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