Best health tracking app for Android

From Google Fit to Samsung Health, Hevy, Fitbit, and so forth, all these applications will allow

Starting from 2023, you’ll be required to operate your Fitbit device with your Google Account

Google is incorporating Fitbit into its system and will require you move all your data into

By Ahmed

Fitbit Charge 5 could be released by October with new design aesthetics and tons of features

It will offer a more subtle design aesthetics and could debut `by October 23rd according to

By Ahmed

NASA to deploy hundreds of Fitbit fitness trackers to help fight COVID-19

About 1000 selected personnel will be getting one of these

Google’s acquisition of FitBit could face anothter Antitrust investigation

9 months ago, we made a short tutorial on how you can secure your data before

Best premium Smartwatch 2020

We examine the top smartwatches in 2020 with the best features, designs, durability and price-values

By Ahmed

Google is taking over FitBit, this is how to keep your data safe

Google is taking over FitBit after it's been announced to be paying about $2.1 Billion which

By Ahmed
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