Donald Trump

Donald J Trump is the 45th president of the United States after emerging winner during the 2016 Presidential election under the Republican party. We analyse the influence he has on technological development throughout the world considering his power and authority right on Brumpost

Trump finally makes his comeback on Facebook and YouTube

The former president continues his run as the most controversial person in the country

By Simbi

Meta is said to be deciding whether to allow Trump back on Facebook and Instagram

The former US President's account was terminated over the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

By Simbi

Trump may be allowed back on Facebook as early as January 2023

The former US President got his account suspended for over a year now but Meta says

By Simbi

Trump’s Truth Social app launches on Apple App Store

The Truth Social will be joining a number of growing social platforms championing "free speech"

By Simbi

Trump’s Truth Social app is set to arrive on Monday on Apple’s App Store

While it's in its earliest stage of release, familiar sources said the app will behave similarly

By Simbi

US Congressman Devin Nunes is logging out of the House and logging in as the CEO of Trump’s social network

Nunes will definitely be bagging some big bucks every year as a CEO compared to his

Donald Trump’s Truth Social networking service just got a US$1B investment at a US$4B valuation

The former US President will soon be rolling cash if all goes well with his new

Trump Media partner planning a US$1 billion capital investment in the company

After former US President, Donald Trump got ousted from the majority of social networking platforms across

Trump’s long-awaited platform isn’t a social network but a Blog

When the former US President Donald Trump got axed off major social networking platforms such as

By Simbi

Trump will not be allowed on Facebook and Instagram for now

For how long the former US president should be kicked out of the social network is

Trump will NOT be allowed back on Twitter even if he runs for office

The literal meaning of Twitter CFO's remark during an interview about whether Trump could get his

By Simbi

The Faces of the Riot is a new site dedicated to identifying those that laid siege on the US Capitol building

The site used facial detection technology to grab the faces of those who partook in the

By Simbi

What if Donald Trump Creates His own Social Networking Service

America is divided and his 2024 Presidential campaign might depend on this.

By Ahmed

More Chinese and Russian Software Services banned by the Trump Administration

US President signed an executive order on Tuesday which is meant to ban transactions with some

Parler, the Big Right-Wing Social Media Platform also ousted by Google, Apple next

Parler was released back in 2018 as the alternative to the mainstream social media sites due

By Simbi

Twitter Permanently Suspends Donald Trump’s Official Account

After being warned to pull a number of tweets he made in order to get his

By Simbi

Twitter flag Trump’s tweet about his immunity to the coronavirus

The president contracted the COVID-19 this past week and was treated for 3 days but now

By Simbi

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive to COVID-19

The US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump announced their results to the general

President Trump said he championed a 2018 cyberattack on Russian trolls

The US President Donald Trump made a revelation to the Washington Post about the authorization of

By Ahmed

Trump’s “doctored” video mocking CNN taken down by Twitter

US President, Donald Trump's been having a serious issue with social media companies lately especially over

By Simbi
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