Zoom Updates Terms of Service: AI Training Now Requires Customer Consent

Zoom responds to criticism over AI training on customer data by updating terms to mandate customer

How to use your Android smartphone as webcam for Zoom live broadcasts

This free application gets the ball rolling for you

By Ahmed

Zoom acquires cloud-based call center operator Five9 for US$14.7B

Zoom has announced a US$14.7 billion all-stock deal to acquire cloud-based call center operator Five9 Inc

Four reasons you’re battling Zoom Fatigue and how to counter the situation

Zoom fatigue is a constant phenomenon due to the usage of virtual modes of communication

Cisco’s Webex now lets you add virtual background during your video meetings

In the past, Zoom was the only one dominating as it allows you to make use

These are the best Zoom alternatives for business users

Zoom is an awesome service which is powering millions of communication across the internet ever since

By Ahmed

Zoom to limit the number of new free users’ registration in China

Zoom had announced earlier today that it will be reducing the new user registrations in mainland

Oracle win Cloud computing deal with Zoom amid growth

Zoom on Tuesday announced it has started using Oracle's cloud computing service to help handle the

Bezos, Musk and Eric Yuan continues to be richer despite pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic had ravage the world economy forcing numerous businesses to close down and millions

Easiest way to add a virtual background to your Zoom meeting

Somehow, Zoom had made a big name for itself especially during this pandemic and the need

By Ahmed

Do this if your MacBook’s webcam is horrible during Zoom conference

So everyone of us have been forced to like Zoom because obviously who wouldn't want to

By Ahmed

What you should know and do over Zoom’s security issues

As each day pass, more people are infected with the Coronavirus pandemic leading to forced quarantine

By Ahmed

Google ban employees from using Zoom

Google yesterday banned Zoom video conferencing application from it's employees' computers due to security concerns. “Recently,

Interesting features of Zoom you probably didn’t know

There is Coronavirus almost everywhere throughout the globe and business offices were told to shut down

By Simbi
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