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China tech fundings hits a record high thanks to boom semiconductors and Healthcare amid COVID-19

The losers so far have been firms in gaming and internet sectors

By Fey Aniston 5 Min Read

China testing its reusable space transportation technokogy

China in its attempt to to develop reusable space transportation technology has

By Lisa Irène 2 Min Read

An innumerable number of counterfeit TWS earbuds were seized at the US border

Report says 80% of the confiscated wireless headphones were from China

By Phils Carlque 3 Min Read

Shanghai city to start regulation on Smart Vehicle testing

Shanghai city has now issued draft regulations in a bid to safeguard

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

Tecno Spark Go 2021 price in India revealed

It's July and we'll be seeing more and more interesting products from

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

China launches a crewed Shenzhou-12 spacecraft to its under-construction space station

Onboard are three astronauts who will be in the Tianhe space station

By Lisa Irène 3 Min Read

Three cool gadget releases next week from Chinese tech companies

This coming week, there will be some pretty interesting tech product releases

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

China replaces Two-Child policy with Three-Child policy over low birth rate

Aside the policy, the cost of raising children in urban cities in

By Nusaiba Sabiu 6 Min Read

You’ll have to wait a bit to get the first images from China’s Mars over

The wait is due in part to the enormous distance between Earth

By Lisa Irène 4 Min Read

The hashtag #BoycottMulan is trending on Twitter because of the lead actress’ comment about Policing in Hong Kong

There is protest and calls for boycotts over the Disney's movie adaptation

By Simbi 6 Min Read

SMIC market share drowns as U.S. sanctions affects the Chinese chipmaking industry

The shares of China's SMIC fll by a fifth on Monday which

By Johannes 2 Min Read

Report says China may dump U.S. Treasuries as tension increases between both world powers

The U.S. and China's relationship continues to deteriorates leading to experts believing

By Fey Aniston 3 Min Read

China to launch initiative to encourage the development of Hydrogen cell battery

China had been accused of being part of the problem of global

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

Huawei and it’s sub brand Honor snaps 40% of the Chinese mobile market share

Based on one of the most recent CINNO Research report, it was

By Vonci Gigi 3 Min Read

There is a growing privacy concern in China over the usage of Health QR code system

China is feared by many in the west as being a monitoring

By Nusaiba Sabiu 5 Min Read

China wants The US to stop “Unreasonable Suppression” of Huawei and others

China seems to not be totally cool with the US banning Huawei,

By Phils Carlque 3 Min Read

Shipment of smartphones in China up by 17% in April according to the CAICT

China's factories shipment of smartphones to vendors increased by 17% in April

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read

China had overtaken the US in the number of Patents filed after 41 years

The US government believes Huawei is too close to the Chinese government

By Bola Adetona 4 Min Read


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