China Implements Export Controls on Semiconductor Metals, Escalating Trade War

China's commerce ministry has announced the imposition of export controls on crucial metals used in the

China’s Internet Industry Surges with 43% Profit Growth, Alibaba and Tencent Lead the Rebound

China's internet industry defies expectations with a 43% surge in profitability, as major tech giants Alibaba

Chinese Electric Car Makers Thrive in June, Paving the Way for EV Industry Recovery

Chinese electric car makers Li Auto, Nio, and Xpeng saw a sales boost in June, signaling

“China Chip Design Industry Sets Sights on Automotive Electronics for Rapid Growth”

Chip design software companies are targeting China's booming auto industry, with Empyrean Technology aiming to develop

Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong Forge Innovation Bridge for Mutual Economic Transformation

Saudi Arabia plans to enhance collaboration with Hong Kong as a bridge to China's tech prowess,

China’s Exports Surge in March Due to EVs Although there might be a dip ahead

The majority of the rise according to analysts is due to unfulfilled orders thanks to the

China successfully launched a test reusable spacecraft

The experimental spacecraft made a successful launch into orbit before returning back to a planned site

Can these Chinese brands fill the gap when the chip exportation sanction is enacted by the US government?

While the U.S. government is looking to further its sanctions on the exportation of advanced chipmaking

By Ahmed

Chinese chip makers rush to buy equipment as the US, Japan, and the Netherlands tighten chip exports to China

The US government is looking to further advance its October export ban on semiconductors to China

By Ahmed

China testing its reusable space transportation technokogy

China in its attempt to to develop reusable space transportation technology has now developed a spacecraft

An innumerable number of counterfeit TWS earbuds were seized at the US border

Report says 80% of the confiscated wireless headphones were from China

Shanghai city to start regulation on Smart Vehicle testing

Shanghai city has now issued draft regulations in a bid to safeguard data that are being

Tecno Spark Go 2021 price in India revealed

It's July and we'll be seeing more and more interesting products from numerous tech companies across

China launches a crewed Shenzhou-12 spacecraft to its under-construction space station

Onboard are three astronauts who will be in the Tianhe space station for three months to

Three cool gadget releases next week from Chinese tech companies

This coming week, there will be some pretty interesting tech product releases majorly from Chinese tech

China replaces Two-Child policy with Three-Child policy over low birth rate

Aside the policy, the cost of raising children in urban cities in China is part of

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