OnwardMobility reportedly bringing BlackBerry-branded devices to the Asia market

The company CEO believes there is still a market for BlackBerry devices out there

The Next BlackBerry will be the most “American-Made” smartphone

The 2021's OnwardMobility BlackBerry-branded device will be made out of mainland China and be security-focused

By Ahmed

Yesterday’s tech news roundup A new blackBerry smartphone, Google Maps and more

Today we explore all the top tech stories yesterday to keep you updated about everything in

BBM is Shutting Down, Here are the top 3 Replacement for the Instant Messenger

Th dwindling number of engagement on the BBM platform might be the key reason for this

By Ahmed

F(X) Tec wants to reinvent the Qwerty Keyboard in 2019 with its Pro1

an advanced slide smartphone powered by innovation and android

By 1

10 dead phones that were viral during the early 2000s

Extraordinary feature and smartphones have been in existence since the beginning of the century

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