Verizon plans to roll out its speedier 5G network to reach 100 million users this month

Even though delayed for another two weeks, the C-band is Verizon's plan to bring a faster

AT&T and Verizon to delay the deployment of their 5G C-band upgrades for two weeks

The agreement came after a long battle between the carriers and the FAA over signal disruption

Verizon sells its media assets including Yahoo, AOL others at US$5B

Since both Yahoo and AOL have lost their relevance in the age of social network, a

Verizon acquires Zoom rival BlueJean for about $500M

Zoom has been booming during this pandemic basically due to the need for people to communicate

Verizon 5G network is about Speed and connection to the future

We examine the speed and future of the 5G Network in our modern world

By 1

Verizon wants to sell Tumblr for not living to it’s potentials

A move to offload the service for not reaching it's possible peak the company expects of

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