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Seattle public school sues TikTok, Facebook, Google, Snap, others

These companies are accused of intentionally building their apps to be detrimental

By Simbi 3 Min Read

If you’re using any of these smartphones, WhatsApp may never work on your device again

Devices running outdated operating systems will be the major ones that will

By Metti Misswyambwe 3 Min Read

Google Pixel team throwing a jab at Apple while tweeting on an iPhone is pathetic

I think it's time these brands start respecting their products by showcasing

By Simbi 4 Min Read

WhatsApp is also getting the Facebook-styled 3D Avatar feature

How soon every Android users will get a stable version of this

By Metti Misswyambwe 3 Min Read

Billionaire rapper and fashion icon Kanye West acquired the conservative social media platform Parler

Terms of the deal were not disclosed it's expected to conclude before

By Simbi 5 Min Read

Meta planning to rid Reels with new ad formats

The goal is to push more advertisers to Reels as well as

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Trump may be allowed back on Facebook as early as January 2023

The former US President got his account suspended for over a year

By Simbi 3 Min Read

YouTube hope to lure more creators from TikTok with its new revenue-sharing plan to incentivize Short video creators

The company's biggest is TikTok with over 1 billion active monthly users.

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Pornhub’s Instagram account was banned as pressure from anti-sex-traffic campaigners grew

One of the loudest voices against PornHub that allegedly led to the

By Simbi 4 Min Read

Twitter versus Musk court trial expected to commence as soon as Oct. 17th

Twitter accused Musk of backing out of the deal because his personal

By Simbi 4 Min Read

Elon Musk would prefer Oct. 17th as the day to commence his legal battle against Twitter

The billionaire walked away from a US$44 billion acquisition deal of the

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Instagram tests out new tools to better verify users’ age

The company says it's partnering with Yoti, an online age verification company

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Trump’s Truth Social app launches on Apple App Store

The Truth Social will be joining a number of growing social platforms

By Simbi 2 Min Read

Trump’s Truth Social app is set to arrive on Monday on Apple’s App Store

While it's in its earliest stage of release, familiar sources said the

By Simbi 7 Min Read

Meta says it could pull Facebook and Instagram from Europe

This is over a dispute where Meta wants to move user data

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Twitter testing a new Downvote button feature on its platform

The feature which the company says has garnered majorly a positive review

By Simbi 3 Min Read

How to permanently delete your Snapchat account in four steps

But you have a 30-days grace period to change your mind before

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

Pinterest settles lawsuit over allegations of racial and gender discriminations

The company had also agreed to spend about US$50M to strengthen its

By Metti Misswyambwe 2 Min Read


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