Intel’s Remarkable Turnaround Sees a Surprising 9% Stock Surge

Intel's stock soars, igniting chip stocks, CEO Gelsinger's ambitious vision, and strong Q4 forecast redefine the

Semiconductor Supply Glut Eases as Demand for AI Chips Grows

Chipmakers witness easing supply glut as AI chip demand rises, impacting global semiconductor markets.

Samsung’s 3nm Chip Yield Surpasses TSMC, Posing a Threat to Industry Dominance

Samsung's 3 nm chip process boasts a higher yield than TSMC, attracting potential customers and challenging

Intel and Qualcomm CEOs to Visit Washington for Talks on China Policy

Top executives from Intel and Qualcomm plan to meet U.S. officials in Washington to discuss market

China Implements Export Controls on Semiconductor Metals, Escalating Trade War

China's commerce ministry has announced the imposition of export controls on crucial metals used in the

EU and Japan Deepen Semiconductor Cooperation, Reducing Reliance on China

The European Union and Japan are intensifying cooperation in the semiconductor industry to secure the supply

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