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Editor-in-Chief 3 Articles
As the Editor-in-Chief of Brumpost, Vonci Gigi leads the team and contributes expertise in smart homes, smart tech, and modern gadgets. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and their impact on daily life, Gigi's articles deliver valuable insights, product reviews, and guides that help readers embrace a smarter, more connected…
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Editor (Bargainer) 322 Articles
With an expertise in deals, bargains, and promotional content, Johannes curates articles that help readers navigate the world of discounts and savings. Johannes provides valuable insights into the best deals across various tech-related products, ensuring readers can make informed purchase decisions while maximizing their savings.
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Editor 292 Articles
For all the stories related to iOS-powered devices including the iPadOS, MacOS, and other cool Apple products, Liam is your source for updated stories and insiders' reports.
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Editor (Mobile Tech) 910 Articles
Phils Carlque is a prolific writer at, focusing on the dynamic world of mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. With an inquisitive mind and keen eye for technological advancements, he delves into the intricate details, providing readers with comprehensive insights on all things mobile.
Ahmed 644 Articles
Abimbola Ahmed is a seasoned senior tech editor at, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of technology journalism. With a passion for dissecting complex concepts, Abimbola delivers insightful and engaging content that keeps readers informed and inspired.
Avatar photo Senior Reporter
Lisa Irène 197 Articles
Lisa is a senior tech editor at reporting on Science, space exploration, NASA, interplanetary travel, and everything related to planetary science.
Avatar photo Science Editor
Simbi 252 Articles
Simbi Abiodun delves into the exciting realms of entertainment, gaming, internet trends, and tech culture. Through engaging articles, Simbi brings readers the latest updates on digital entertainment, gaming news, and emerging trends in internet culture, ensuring a fun and informative reading experience.
Simbi Culture Writer
Brett Tyson 154 Articles
Brett Tyson is an accomplished writer and content creator known for his contributions to, a popular platform covering gaming, entertainment, apps, software, and a wide range of topics. With a passion for technology and a keen eye for emerging trends, Brett brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to…
Avatar photo Tech Culture Writer
Enzo Jabari 20 Articles
As a writer specializing in general science, Enzo Jabari delves into various scientific disciplines, offering fascinating insights and discoveries. Enzo's articles explore the latest breakthroughs, scientific advancements, and thought-provoking concepts, making complex scientific topics accessible and engaging for readers.
Avatar photo Science Writer
Metti Missywanmbwe 234 Articles
Metti Missywanmbwe focuses on small business finances and plans, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs. From financial management strategies to comprehensive business plans, Metti's articles cover everything a small business owner needs to succeed, providing practical advice and guidance.
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Nusaiba Sabiu 183 Articles
Nusaiba Sabiu is a senior Editor at, specializing in health tech and wellness. With a passion for exploring innovative solutions, she shares insightful perspectives on the intersection of technology and well-being.
Avatar photo Senior Editor
Bola Adetona 244 Articles
Get your daily dose of computer-related stories (Mac, Windows, Linux, and every software in-between) from the expert. You can also follow him for all the interesting stories and guides on how to fix your computer devices.
Avatar photo Writer (Computer Tech)
Prierce Dallas 3 Articles
A seasoned business owner with over 37 years of experience, is a contributing writer at Specializing in business, entrepreneurship, and small business growth resources, Pierce offers valuable insights and practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. His wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience make him a…
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