German automaker Audi recently announced the E-Tron GT which is basically its high-performance electric sedan with technologies that was built for the beloved Porsche Taycan EV.

The vehicle will be going on sales this spring in Europe with a base price of €99,800 (US$99,900) while the high-end model will start at about €138,200 (US$139,900).

The Audi E-Tron EV will come with some great performance specifications which validates its high-price tag and one of the most expensive EV from the German automaker this year.

It will produce a powerful 350KW of power which is about 470 horsepower while there will be the US variant, an RS that will produce a 440KW or 590 horsepower.

Both variants can be supercharged to reach a massive 522 horsepower and 63 horsepower respectively. Within the Overboost and launch control mode, the Audi E-Tron GT can reach 100 kph in just 4.1 seconds while the RS can reach this same speed at just 3.3 seconds considering its 5,100lbs. weight.

About the mechanics of the Audi E-Tron GT and RS, both cars come with a dual-motor and all-wheel drive configuration which is powered by a 93kWh battery pack with an 85kWh of usable energy.

The battery pack uses 800-volt technology, too, which not only lets the GT perform at high levels but will also enable faster charging. Audi says just five minutes will recover 100 kilometers, or 62 miles, of range when hooked up to a high-speed charging network like Volkswagen’s Electrify America.

These are the same power used in the Porsche Taycan which is obviously a beloved by many electric vehicle lovers across the board. The car was first revealed back at the 2018 LA Auto Show as a concept car before making an appearance in the superhero movie Avengers: Endgame.

This is a beautiful car with some pretty cool technology on board thanks to what we’ve experienced with the Porsche Taycan. Audi assured the E-Tron GT will get more than 488km (298 miles) of range when on full charge based on the European WLTP testing standards.

In its US press release, Audi cites a 238-mile range for the standard GT and a 232-mile range for the RS, though those are not official EPA range estimates.

If you want a better tech upgrade with the E-Tron GT in Europe for example, you’ll still have to add some few bucks to get those configurations such as optional specifications like the Audi’s Matrix LED headlights which includes complex mirror system.

There’s also an optional heads-up display which can project information to the windshield with all-wheel steering and Bang & Olufsen sound system all which will be part of the upgrade should you decide to pay a higher price point.

While all these features aren’t entirely ripped out of the higher-priced model (the E-Tron RS), your bills keeps piling up if you decide to go with a carbon-fiber reinforced roof instead of a glass option. Noise-insulating glass on the side and rear windows are also an option, as are massage seats.

Coming insider the car which is my favorite, there are two displays which includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and also another 10.1-inch touch display which uses the German automaker’s latest infotainment technology.

You get things like LTE Advanced chip for onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, navigation powered by Here Maps, a companion smartphone application that can be used to control the door locks and wireless CarPlay with Android Auto.

Considering the interesting list of features on the car, this is definitely a good buy for anyone that wants it. The car offer a real value close to the Porsche Taycan level and the newly tweaked up Tesla Model S.

The added value of the Porsche Taycan wll definitely boost the new E-Tron GT to thise who want something of that level and luxury at the same time. The E-Tron also continues to be the product that help Audi change the sentiment of its Dieslegate scandal with tens of thousands of the E-Tron SUVs and Sportbacks already being shipped.