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The CES 2021 is all in now and its a completely digital experience which is currently ongoing and one of the biggest announcements we’ve seen in the auto-space is General Motors showcasing a number of amazing products and concepts across its broad scpectrum of car companies.

CES is the time when companies showcases some of their best inventions and long-kept secret projects which are seen as world changers and that is exactly what GM is aiming at. The company which presented a number of futuristic cars and pods meant to make future driving experience interesting and fast at the same time.

With a number of cool stuffs to talk about, let’s highlight some of the cool announcements GM made during its Keynote at the CES 2021 where it also unveiled new business ventures and so forth.

Cadillac eVTOL Stole the Show

The concept of making air travel accessible to everyone at a much cheaper rate considering the fact that traffic jams are becoming serious issues in some major cities around the world, the introduction of air taxis are really great ideas which is very well received here at TirePost and of course thigns like these will always make their ways to the CES.

The current issues many cities still face with air travel is the fact that there are yet to be adequate tech and infrastructures in place to support this cool innovation and that means it might still take a while before we see are taxis becoming really popular in major cities around the world.

But despite the fact that there are still a number of hurdles for this kind of invention to cross, General Motors isn’t stopping at nothing to show us what its capable of. The electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles or eVTOLs in short are the next big thing in the transportation industry and the one from GM under its Cadillac brand which is nameless at least for now will be revolutionary.

Even though we didn’t get the actual eVTOL but only got to see the rendering which is a way of showing us what they’re really thinking of tells us about how the air taxi will operate for those that hate getting unwanted traffic in big cities with a lot of commuters daily.

The technology is said to make use of electric propulsion with about 90-kWh battery which gives it enough power to propel the vehicle into the air at 56mph. The design looks similar to what you’ll see in a Sci-FI movie and that’s always welcome for the future because that is what it is.

Cadillac Halo pod car concept
The doors are pretty slick, too.General Motors

There is the Cadillac Halo a self-driving pod

Self-driving or autonomous cars are trends popularized by Tesla and the technology is spreading across the industry like wildfire especially as more EV companies get more attention from investors giving the industry much more value than ever.

This is causing them to innovate more and experiment with more technology which is an interesting thing to know. The Cadillac Halo self-driving concept pod is one of such and it’s going to make future of transportation more interesting and amazing.

The design is very cool with a luxurious interior with a lot of room to carry multiple people at a time since there is no room for a driver. The sitting arrangement resembles that of a living room which will allow for an easy congregation sitting within the pod.

Still on the design, wooden lining designs with some cool tech all around the interior such as biometric sensors which is able to read passengers’ vital signs and change the temperature, lighting as well as the cabin scent in order to keep the condition positive at all times is a thing to have.

However, this is a concept technology and if all these promised technology ever make it to the production phase for the public as a consumer product, then it’ll be fascinating and it’s something you wouldn’t mind using to take short and long trips within your city.

That’s a whole lot o’ light.General Motors/Screenshot by Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Cadillac Celestiq EV

Just as mentioned earlier, EV is the future and companies continue to pour billions into researches and development of this technology which is popularized by Tesla of course and the Cadillac Celestiq is one of such fascinating EV sedan which was announced during the GM CES 2021 keynote.

Nothing much was revealed about the forthcoming Cadillac Celestiq EV sedan aside the front end which still maintained the Cadillac’s design aesthetics based on the design of the grille.

It also looked similar to the Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV which had been announced earlier before the CES. But aside just guessing and relying on reports, nothing much is yet known about the full features and performances of the Celestiq EV sedan meanwhile what is known is that this will be an electric car could be an all-wheel drive with four-wheel steering.

But aside the sparse details about the feature of the Celestiq, the interior is made with some cool tech ever such as the electrochromic glass roof that breaks into quadrants as well as localized dimming which allows each occupant to pick how much ight they want into the car right from above. This isn’t the first time we’ll be seeing this feature though as a number of concept EVs also feature something similar in fact the production Porsche Taycan EV have somethign similar and its really fascinating.

Then there is the end-to-end screen on the dashboard because EVs and screens are like Bread and Butter. Catching this short glimpse show us what the company have been cooking up over the months or years of hard work behind the scene to bring one of the most coolest and yet techie car to the market.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV teaser

Another big car manufacturing brand owned by GM is Chevrolet and the company will be releasing its own revamped Bolt EV hatchback and will be the first Chevy-branded vehicle with GM’s Super Cruise driver-assistance system which is basically the technology that that allows for hands-free driving on premapped highways and is able to monitor the driver’s attention with a camera system in order to ensure your eyes are focused on the road.

There was a teaser which showed off the Bolt EUV steering wheel with the LED light bar at 12 o’clock signifying the presence of the Super Cruise technology.

Sadly, this system won’t also make its way to the refreshed Bolt EV, which will likely sport new looks similar to what we’ve seen in previous Bolt EUV teasers, with thinner, more aggressive headlights and taillights. It appears the Bolt EV’s general silhouette will translate nicely to a crossover, but it won’t be much longer until we find out for sure.

GM BrightDrop EV600
BrightDrop EV600

BrightDrop EV600 EV for Cargo businesses

BrightDrop is the newest way by which GM will help make businesses better through electrification. This mean the company is able to help convert some tools such as vehicles being used by logistic companies for example to be electrified and as well as built on top of the company’s underlying technology and infreastructures to help manage operations faster and efficiently.

In order to propel this to the market well enough and pitch to potential adopters, GM announced the EV600 electric van concept which runs on the same powertrain as the GMC Hummer EV and it promises some 250 miles of range from its batteries with a net storage capacity of about 600 cubic feet.

Its gross weight is about 10,000 pounds and is able to get up to 170 miles of range an hour when it gets connected to a 120-kW DC fast charger. But aside its high-end driving experience, it’s also equipped with some high-spec technology such as a big 13.4-inch infotainment system and motion sensor in the cargo area.

The EV 600 will make its debut later on this year according to GM and about 500 units will be released to FedEx for experimentation meanwhile it’s said to be available to companies that wants it by 2022.

GM BrightDrop EP1
It’s not as flashy as the Celestiq, sure, but it’s no less important.General Motors

BrightDrop EP1

The EP1 is an electric pallet which can move on its own and can be used for short-distance purposes such as transporting cargo around a warehouse or between a delivery van without worrying about doing all the works by yourself.

The technology behind this is an in-built motor which is able to propel the pallet at a speed of about 3 mph but this can vary from person to person in order to keep up with the walking pace of the individual.

It’s able to also haul about 23 cubic feet and 200 pounds of cargo and its shelves can be adjusted and can lock into place in order to keep cargo secure. GM was able to get help from logistic giant FedEx in order to get the pallet tested out and the result was a 23% more packages in a day with the EP1 being deployed which showed the efficiency and effectiveness of this device in a hardware company.

Meanwhile remember the traveling box that follows people around back in CES 2020, that same technology might be great for this EP1 Pallet as it’ll allow the coordinator of the individual pallet to control the speed of the device by merely walking in front of it.