The move for global electrification of cars is becoming the new norm and automakers are certainly following their promises.

One of such is Chinese automaker GAC Group which has recently unveiled its latest EV that is expected to launch under its AION brand.

The car will be called AION LX Plus and it’s expected to have a powerful 1,008 KM range (about 626 miles).


The news was made known by car news publisher CarScoops as it got the report from the China Light-Duty Vehicle test cycle or CLTC.

The EV had in fact been showcased during the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show. It’s an improved version of the previously announced AION LX back in 2019.

The report of the EV reaching about 1,000KM is an interesting thing about the car. One of the reasons why the car is able to achieve this feature is due to its big battery pack.

The AION LX Plus is expected to have a battery capacity of about 144.4KWh for the high-end variant.

The battery is made by the company itself with elastic sheets that makes it 20% smaller and 14% lighter than conventional EVs on the market currently.

In fact, the EV is said to offer an energy density of about 205Wh/Kg.

The GAC AION LX Plus carries the same GAC design langauge

Judging by the design, it carries the design of other GAC vehicles which is something I’m always impressed with.

Specifications of the AION LX Plus will include dual electric motors that will be able to produce about 225HP that is transmitted to all of its four wheels via a two-speed gearbox.

The car will be able to hit a speed range between 0 to 100km/r in under 2.9 seconds – but that’s an unofficial range.