There is a news that Amazon will be partnering up with Rivian in order to utilize its electric delivery trucks in about 16 cities sometimes later on this year.

Rivian had already started utilizing the electric delivery vans in the city of Los Angeles while expansion to other 15 more cities is already on the roadmap before the year runs out even though the names of the said 15 cities are still being kept as a secret from the general public but we’ll try to dig deep on that.

This collaboration will see Amazon owning up to 10,000 electric vans by the end of the year 2022 which is part of the way by which the company is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and help combat climate situation around the world.

The eCommerce giant is said to be prepping up its facilities for the vans while building thousands of charging stations at delivery centers throughout North America and Europe. Since an electric van can travel up to 150 miles on a single charge, this will put Amazon at a good advantage while it pursues the electrification of its business with renewable energy.

Rivian on the other hand is the electric vehicle startup that is still being compared to Tesla considering its rapid growth and how well the company is doing so far. Rivian unlike Tesla focuses on the truck and SUV market while leaving the sedan and sports cars for Tesla even though the latter seems to have entered the truck market as well as we all await polarizing Cybertruck.

Amazon is part of Rivian’s investor helping the company lead a round of funding that it raise a huge US$500 million from Ford back in the April of 2019. Recently, the company managed to get another $2.65 billion from T. Rowe and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund.