Itel it1507: The Metal Smartphone reviews



The Itel IT1507 is a new awesome smartphone manufactured by Itel-mobile. The company which is significant in the mobile market with awesome devices such as it1506 and co. The new IT1507 is a new born in the it150-s making it the successor of the old it1506. Launched last year, the device which features greater and more beautiful design makes its debut into the market and has since being a very valuable asset to every lover of Android as it gives fullness in the experience of Android 5.1.
Featuring a powerful rear camera and a digitalized front facing camera to make such you capture every events that matters most to your very life. The design of the device is so beautiful and very eye catching. Another significant feature is the powerful 2100mAh Li-ion battery that is capable of accompanying you everywhere you go. With at least standard hours of usability, you simply stands in with the best.
In the normal Itel’s tradition, the device got its name from its predecessor making it the an upgraded value with powerful abilities.

Hardware and Software

The all new itel it1507 features a slate format design which is handy and cool in your pocket. The slim design makes it more innovative and thus fantastic as you can imagine. Its still powerful enough to be a first phone with beautiful design.
The device features no external control button as it reinvents the touchpad technology. By the side resides the volume control buttons alongside the power button which if long pressed will display options like Power off, Restart, Profile mode and Airplane mode option. Going below it resides the mouth piece area which can be traced in with a tiny hole and also at the back resides the speaker. Itel have always hide their device’ speakers at this place. Then the house of the batter can be revealed with  iron steel cover which covers the powerful 2100MAH battery that works almost every hour to make sure you don’t stay alone. With this hide out resides the dual sim ports and the memory SD card port too. Moving away from this place, the earphone jack is always visible with a direct hole that resides around the device. Aside this, there is no more.
Going back to its face, we can see the front camera (2MP) hideout which is powerful and can be used in the places of selfies and other video calls or video chats and at the back is the Camera of 8MegaPixel. The screen dimension is somewhere between 5.0 inch which is wide enough to make you enjoy videos, games and surfing the internet.
In terms of the software, Itel it1507 runs on Android 5.1, which isn’t upgradable actually. Itel it1507 also come with another feature which is the latest version of Bluetooth. It supports MTP and also developer mode which is always present in most itel devices anyway. With the USB jack visible, this makes you realise you can use this technology to transfer, charge and do more with few clicks away.
The device is WiFi enabled and supports 3G and Edge networks. Another significant feature is the device RAM and ROM which are 512MB and 8GB respectively. The device can also house a media card as big as 32GB without any problem.



Brand Name: Itel it1507 (Metal Smartphone)

Predecessor: Itel it1506

Operating System: Android 5.1


Band: GSM900/DCS1800/WCDMA2100

Display: 144*72.5*8.5mm “5.0 inch” ” IPS screen

Resolution: 480 * 854 PX

Camera: 8.0MP Rear camera, 2.0MP Front Camera

Memory: 8GB ROM+ 512MB RAM, SD Card of up to 32GB

Messaging &SNS: WhatsApp/Facebook

Connectivity: WiFi/Bluetooth/USB/Earphone
Battery Capacity: 17hrs

Known Issues

Well, Itel as we all know try making good phones for cheap prices well that’s a big thanks but shouldn’t the company at least step a bit. For example, in the memory space, the device gets suddenly out of memory since there are too many software running on such a small memory space. Android in most cases kill other background services and apps making the device quite annoying. Should have also allowed an upgrade or should have at least made the version that works with Marshmallows 6.0. The back gets hot while on 3G well it’s courtesy of the steel design anyway. And the battery of my earlier version went out later on hope this wouldn’t be the same. Other inferiority are still the camera which is no where the Huawei Mate S smartphone which buys off the competition. The screen display too isn’t an HD and videos skip out when of too much high quality. In a word, I guess its not always about the money, its about the quality which companies like Huawei, Infinix offer making them grip hold of the market dragging the feet of Itel in return. Well our Metal Smartphone isn’t really that awesome.


No price specification yet. But we’ll get more information and update as soon as we get them.