Best Smartphone Gimbal 2020

Best Smartphone Gimbal 2020

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One essential thing about gimbals is that they turn your super amateurish footage into a real professional work.
We’ve all seen those horrible and shaky footage taken with smartphone cameras while hand held.


Even though high end smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro or the GALAXY note 10 both feature optical image stabilization (OIS) technology which ensures that videos shot with shaky hands can still maintain a quite suitable quality.

But if you’re a professional who wants to showcase your talent as a mobile filmmaker then you need a gimbal there is no escape from that.

But then picking the best gimbal can be a serious pain in the butt because there are enormous gimbal out there and having to go through each of this devices might be time consuming which is why we’ve compiled this list of the best Gimbal in 2020 for you to pick from for your next mobile video footage.

A great work done with a Gimbal can look and feel like a cinematic footage.
There are numerous short movies online which were shot entirely on smartphones.

The fact that smartphones nowadays features 4K video recording makes your mobile phone a powerful tool that fan be used to do anything especially filmmaking. But without further ado, let’s discuss the best smartphone Gimbals for 2020.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Image result for DJI Osmo Mobile 3  - HD Images

Onw amazing thing about this portable device is how powerful it is. Although it lacked some features which might make it seem limited in ability but it’s smoothness is really great.

Also it sync 100% with Filmic Pro, the professional video recording mobile application with which you can control all the features and functionalities of the application using the Gimbal.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is an upgrade to the normal Osmo Mobile which is also a great tool for mobile filmmakers.
As for battery, the device lasts long enough for at least 8 hours which is great.

Also it can be mounted upon a mini tripod and cna be carried around since its very lightweight despite the amount of battery it carries.

Where to buy DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Image result for Zhiyun Smooth 4  - HD Images

One of the best Gimbal introduced in 2019 is the Zhiyun Smooth 4. Aside being well fitting and lightweight, the device has a lot of features that makes it super professional for both beginner filmmaker or even hobbyists.

You’ll quickly notice the big control wheel on the left side of thr device which can be used to control anything from zoom in and out to focus.

Aside this, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 works with world most professional mobile filmmaking application, Filmic Pro.
Assuming you’re the Filmic Pro addict and you still want to be able to control the application using your Gimbal’s external buttons, then the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is the best choice for that.
It also feature various video recording modes such as Time-lapse, Slow-Mo, Vertigo and so on.

Where to buy Zhiyun Smooth 4

Gudsen Moza Mini S

Image result for Moza Mini s  - HD Images

For just $80, you’re getting a high end mobile gimbal that’s powerful enough for heavy duty tasks.
One thing about Gudsen gimbal in general is how they make great gimbal at affordable price points.

The Moza Mini S not only help in stabilising your mobile footage, it also has loads of features.

One outstanding thing about the Moza Mini S is the fact that the device can be folded into a much smaller form by twisting it around to form a smaller device which can be held well unlike the rest on the list which always look invading and always require special carry bag.

Although the gimbal doesn’t work with the Professional smartphone filmmaking application, Filmic Pro, the default application that come with the device is super powerful.

With little learning curve, you can become a pro using the Moza Mini S in just a matter of hours.
One main thing is the efficiency of its battery which would last you on average 6 hours straight.

Where to buy Moza Mini-S

Movi Freefly Cinematic robot

Image result for Movi Freefly Cinematic robot  - HD Images

This gimbal has a different approach. It’s not just your common gimbal with the “Seflie stick” kind of design. Instead, Movi took a different approach in terms of its design which is what makes it even more awesome and different.

Its also the most expensive gimbal on this list. Its built in a U shape whereas you can hold one side and balance your smartphone on the other side.

The chest of the device can also be placed on a flat surface rather than requiring a mini tripod unlike those tailed gimbal on the list.

The Movi Freefly costs about $299 and offers awesome features and it’s far more comfortable to hold and carry around while filming making the entire process of mobile filmmaking as easy as possible.

Where to buy Movi Freefly Cinematic robot

Xiaomi Mija

Image result for Xiaomi Mijia gimbal  - HD Images

Although it doesn’t get as much attention as possible probably because Xiaomi tries to penetrate every market by making every device possible aside smartphones.

But that doesn’t mean the Xiaomi Mija is a terrible choice. It’s well designed and fits right well in the hand when used.

Also it doesn’t have as much features compared to the professional smartphone gimabls mentioned above such as the Zhiyun Smooth 4 or the MOVI freefly but for as low as $99 you can get a device to shoot smooth transitions and other professional features such as time-lapse, slow motion, 360 degree and transitions.

It also come with its own application with which you can record awesome videos and even make videos for your Instagram etc.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Image result for zhiyun smooth Q2 - HD Images shopping

Another Zhiyun product on the list is the Smooth Q II. The device is super powerful but one selling point of the Gimbal is how micro it is.
The Smooth Q 2 is so small they it would fit completely well in your back pocket.

Though small, the Smooth Q 2 is the latest offering from Zhiyun which took over from the good old Smooth Q.

While small, it can carry big smartphones with 6-inch screen size. It balances big devices like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus without any hiccup.

Its much affordable than the much bigger Zhiyun Smooth 4 or others on the list and it features great features that makes it really an interesting alternative.

Where to buy Zhiyun Smooth Q2


Image result for AFI V5 Gimbal - HD Images shopping

This is another tall gimbal with a long tail. Aside this, the AFI V5 gimbal also has a selfie light with which you can turn on while filming yourself in lowlights.

The device has a very great grip and can carry a big smartphone like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

It also has an easy to use joystick with a really easy and short learning curve, you cna be making great videos in no time.

One other special thing about the AFI V5 is that it has a power capacity that can last you a whole day even if you decide to shoot throughout that day.

Where to buy AFI V5

DJI Osmo Pocket

Image result for DJI Osmo Pocket - HD Images shopping

Forget everything you know about Gimbal as this device changes that.
The DJI Osmo Pocket is an action cam and gimbal combo.

This mean you no longer need to bother about synching your smartphone with the gimbal because the camera offers everything you need all in one.

This small device which barely the size of a large smartphone in length weigh so light and fits right into the pocket, hence the Pocket branding.

The camera also records a nice 4K video which is excellent for anyone. It also has a mini screen where you can watch all the magic you’re doing yourself.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is much expensive costing around $399 on the average but offers everything professional to give you an outstanding recording result.

Where to buy DJI Osmo Pocket

Feiyun Vimble 2

Image result for Feiyun Vimble 2 - HD Images shopping

Almost all gimbal looks alike in terms of design except the Movi Freefly but then comes the Feiyun Vimble 2 which is like a completely different story.

Even though this device also has a tail just like the rest of the Pack, what makes it even more outstanding is the fact that you can extend it because its neck is extendible.

So instead of needing to buy some extension while trying to film yourself from a farther range, the neck can be electrically extended which is really smooth.

Another feature is the battery capacity which cna edure for half a day. Feiyun Vimble 2 had earned itself the name on the list as being one of the best smartphone gimbal in 2020

Where to buy Feiyun Vimble 2

Feiyu SPG2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Image result for Feiyu SPG2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal - HD Images shopping

This is the second Feiyun technology on the list, the SPG2 3-Axis which is really smart gimbal.

The device offers a really smooth experience for mobile filmmakers and the 3-axis ensure video stability by all means. Also its worth mentioning that device is waterproof giving you more possibilities even while you device to film nearby the sea.

Pair with the Vicool APP, SPG2 gimbal supports panorama, time-lapse, slow-motion and parameter adjustment. A small OLED screen on the gimbal let you know the status of the device without check your phone all the time.

As for battery capacity, this gimbal offers you the maximum juice to burn for 15 hours which is very extraordinary.

Where to buy Feiyu SPG 2

Snopa Atom

Image result for Snopa Atom - HD Images shopping

This is a pretty new company that started through crowdfunding, the Snoopa Atom is a really mini gimbal on the list with its length slightly longer than the iPhone X meaning it coukd fit right well in your big bag pocket.

The size doesn’t mean it’s battery is weak it can work for a while day or 24 hours. One other interesting about this mini gimbal is the fact that it supports wireless charging which means filming can be done continuously.

The Snoppa Atom comes with a mobile application with which you can control the device and sync it together with your smartphone.

The Snoppa Atom allows you to shoot with long exposure and capture super high-res videos with low noise even in the dark.

The App also provides functions like face/object tracking and motion time-lapse. A mic can be attached for better audio quality directly on ATOM as well.

Where to buy Snopa Atom

Evo Shift 3

Image result for Evo Shift 3 - HD Images shopping

This is another unpopular name in the smartphone gimbal industry. The EVO Shift 3 turns your device into a super powerful mobile filming machine.

The device can be used in different situations considering its 4-Way joystick and 2-Way bi-directional mounting.

The Evo shift 3 is made for anyone who wants to shoot professional videos considering how feature rich the Evo remote application is.
It gives you access to the same shooting modes that can be found in other bigger heavy-duty cameras wuch as giving you 100% manual control over your camera’s ISO, Shutter speed, White Balance, Exposure, Focus and so forth.

Battery works for 12 hours giving you enough juice to burn through while making the best films while using your smartphone.

Where to buy Evo Shift 3

Gudsen Moza Mini-Mi

Image result for Moza Mini Mi - HD Images shopping

Aside the popular Moza Mini S, the Mini Mi is yet another popular and powerful gimbal for Mobile filmmakers.

Aside the great stability and support this device offers for smartphones, the device offers a long lasting battery capacity making filming as smooth as possible.

It also feature all the powerful filmmaking modes that can be found in the mobile application which allows the smooth synching of your smartphone with the Gimbal.

The Moza Mini-mi supports wireless charging meaning you can film all day long. Also its easier to hold as its much smaller than the Mini S even though it doesn’t fold as the latter.

Where to buy Moza Mini-Mi

Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus

Image result for Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus - HD Images shopping

This is another powerful 3-Axis Stabilizer for smartphone filmmaking which offers a maximum battery capability.
The device weighs as little as 7 ounce and offers features such as time-lapse, slow motion , beauty retouching and so much more.

For a price point of $89, the Hohem iSteady mobile plus offers you all the professional tool to turn your smartphone to a filmmaking device which can be used for any project.

Balancing your 6-inch plus display smartphone in this gimbal is very easy and fast and it offers a great stability and the grip is also very great.

Where to buy Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus


There’s no such thing as the overtly perfect technology but some are just better at the job than others. Which is what leads to placing the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 as the number one which.

The newly designed gimbal comes in 3-axis which is unique and easy to use. Balancing comes very easy as well while it can fold just like the portable Moza Mini-S. While the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is the largest on the list, it has interesting integration with the popular Filmic Pro video recording application which gives you a much more professional touch when recording videos.

The Moza Mini-S comes with its own perks as well. It’s cheap…. Very cheap and it folds making it even portable but then we have much portable Zhiyun Smooth Q2 or the Feiyun Tech Vimble which also is small.

Size might matter to you because having to transport too large equipment from a place to the other might be daunting sometimes which is why it’s necessary to know what kind of gear you’re opting for.

The Movi Freefly is an expensive if not the most expensive on the list but it’s designed in an unusual way which makes it easy to work with as well. It’s portable and will fit right well in your back pack.

But other options such as battery longevity, pricing, performances which is related to the design is also important factors to consider when picking up your next Gimbal.

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